Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today I have been busy...busy and busy...alot of stuff to do. I have the Christmas shopping done but I have alot or work to do here to get ready for Christmas when my kids will be here. Tomorrow is Cinnamon Rolls Day made homemade. There is lots of work to that... and I am not sure but I think maybe more Christmas Cookies need to be baked. There are some already baked that my daughter Michelle did last night.

Since I have been so busy I have been laxed on showing what was in my Secret Santa Package. Yesterday ( DAY 22) was a cute dragon fob to put on my scissors she also included the pattern for the dragon hand written. I think since the pattern was given to me along with my scissor fob it should be alright for me to share the pattern. What do all of you think?

Today DAY 23 was the last installment of the Sherry's Secret Santa Story. This story is so very cute I think. I know that I have made the story on my blog where if you click on the pages they should enlarge so you can read the story but you should also be able to save the pages to your computer and print them off. I think it makes a cute story to read to a little one.

The only thing it needs is a cute illustration to go with the story. I loved the story.

For now....I will let you get back to doing whatever you were doing and I am going to get back to preparing my house for the holiday.

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Anonymous said...

pattern sounds good to me, Sherry! - I'm quite excited, it's Christmas Eve here now, and only one more day till your Secret Santa reveals his/her identity.