Thursday, August 27, 2009

I had been thinking awhile about trying my hand in micro macrame'. I might even do some designing on my own eventually once I start to feel more comfortable in doing this work and maybe marrying it to tatting. We will see what will happen with that as time goes buy...which time keeps right on moving so fast that is is tomorrow yesterday. is my my necklace. I got this pattern from Donna. Here is her blog url incase you are interested. Donna sells kits and patterns. She also has downloaded free patterns and a downloadable tutorial incase you want to learn. She also has an Etsy shop. You will find all of this information on her blog.

Also I got a huge surprise in the mail today. About two weeks ago someone on Arachne List had given his accounting of what he thought of some of the stuff he saw here in America. There was also a discussion of chocolate. This person was from Belgium I believe. Anyhow....I had written to the list and mentioned how I LOVE white chocolate and it was funny how I had to go all the way to England in order to buy a huge white solid chocolate candy bar without the cereal or cookie crumbs in the chocolate. Well, Margery Allcock from England saw my message.

Yes Folks, I got a big solid white Belgium Chocolate candy Bar in the mail but that wasn't all...she sent me some Foreign Postage Stamps and also....another real big surprise...a pair of painted Bobbins for Bobbinlace making. The pair both have a mouse painted on them. One mouse is eating berries under a mushroom and on the other bobbin the mouse is in a strawberry patch. I love both of the bobbins. I should mention that I wrote to Margery earlier this year and was able to buy a few things from her that she was selling so she knew I collected foreign postage stamps and that I also did bobbinlace.
What a surprise huh? I was so thrilled with the package which was a huge surprise. THANK YOU Margery!!! You sure brightened up my day. Things are hard right now for me since my husband lost his job earlier this year and all of our dreams were flushed away from Corporate Greed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Here is a picture of the necklace I made using the Fringe Element Heart Pattern designed by Jane Eborall. Note how I did the catch and how I attached the two side arms to the heart. It is one that is used in macrame' necklaces and bracelets alot. Anyhow...I would model it for you...but to save everybody's eye sight I decided to just post a picture of the necklace without me. Enjoy it! Let me know what you think. I love this heart pattern.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Take a look at this beautiful colorway. Isn't it just stunning. The colorway name is Purple Splendor and the number is 129. I made this heart today and it will be winging away to a friend. This is another of the new colorways of Lizbeth Thread that will be soon available to buy. You can buy all the Lizbeth thread here
This pattern is called "The Fringe Element Heart" designed by Jane Eborall. You can find the pattern for this neat heart here
If you really look at this heart I think it would be great tatted up as a focal element for a necklace. The chain for the necklace can be lark headed through the two upper parts of the heart. I bet it would make one pretty necklace.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here is another motif from the same book Tatting by Jan Stawasz. This motif is from a beautifully designed centerpiece that is on pages 84 and 85. I think this motif will be the begining of this centerpiece which I am going to tat it using the same colorway you see here. This colorway is called Spring Garden and the color number will be124 if you want to write that number down. I think is has to be one of my favorite of the new threads that will be available soon. Don't worry...I will give you all the heads up on my blog here when the new threads will become available to purchase.

There are still more great colorways...more stuff for me to tat up....LOOK out...
I am still laughing here....Mark....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A couple more new colors that will be coming out soon. The patterns I used to show these new colors off are both from Jan Stawasz's book entitled "Tatting Therory and Patterns". The motif with the pink,yellow,melon and violet pink colors is from his doily design on pages 80 and 81. Can you all see a doily done in this all looks so yummy. I also used a solid violet pink with the varigated thread. The color is called Sherbet Delight color number 108.

The other motif is also from Jan's book. This was a snowflake pattern and it was on pages 83 and 83. The color name for this varigated thread is March Breeze and the color number will be 128.

These new colorways will be getting here soon. I will try to tat something more so you all can see the new colors.

I have just also started a new motif also from Jan's book that is varigated pink and green. I really love that combination. Sooooo stay tuned to see more of the new colors. I can envision...doily after doily after doily after doily made with these new threads.

I should also say...I love some of the older colorways in Lizbeth thread too. OOOhhh which colorway should I tat after the pink and green one.....I wonder.

Here is the url for Jan Stawasz web site where you can see more of his beautiful designs. I really do love his book. There is so much I want to make from that book...give me more years....give me more years....

Monday, August 17, 2009

I got some Lizbeth's new size 40 thread and decided to try it out. It does tat like a dream. I decided to do Jane Eborall's motif #3 from her site of many ooglies, ooglilys patterns which you can get this same pattern here.

Jane has so many patterns. This one was a whole lot of fun to tat up. I used in the middle color # 650 and I also used color #643 and#111

Friday, August 07, 2009

Can you stand is another beautiful snowflake design. The designer of this snowflake is Jon Yousoff. Here blog url is:
It was made in another of the newer colorways of HH Lizbeth thread that will be coming out soon. This colorway is called Wildflower number 109 when it comes out and I used the solid color Spring Green 680 for the center round of the snowflake. It turned out pretty I think. I love this new thread. But I can't wait for the size 40 in this thread too.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Here is another of Ruth Perry's Celtic Snowflake. This time I did it in one of the new colorways that Handy Hands will be having out soon. It isn't available yet. This one is called Western Sunset. But to me it reminds me more of fireworks. I love this colorway. It is so pretty done up. It is one of my favorite new colorways that will be coming out. I will let you also know that the new size 10 and size 40 threads in Lizabeth thread is on the boat so it should be available soon. I can't wait for the size 40 thread myself. I think size 20 is good for snowflakes though. You don't want them to be too tiny unless you are putting them on a minature Christmas tree. I think size 20 is good for something that will be either worn or put out on a another words...if it is something that will require washing periodically...then you need size 20.
Sometimes I like to do doilies in really fine thread for my notebook or to put in a frame and hung ...not necessarily on my tables. The fine threads make you get the whole design in a much smaller size to just preserve the design.
I have been thinking of getting some size 10 thread ...been looking at Midnight oil I think it is from "Yarnplayer" to design something in macrame'. I have these crystal beads and I have been thinking about using them in a macrame' design. I use to do a ton of macrame' in the old days of lore'.
I have also been thinking of buying some linen thread from Yarnplayer too actually...for bobbinlace. I don't have the funds at this moment but I will sometime maybe.
Okay...I am rambling I will say...until I write again..."lacing is a foot."