Friday, December 14, 2007

It looked a bit like Winter outside yesterday. We got hit with a bad snow storm. Classes were cancelled and my husband came home early. Here is a picture of what it looked like out my window in the afternoon. This storm kept going until the evening...but by this morning alot of the snow was still around but there were some patchy areas where the snow was starting to melt. Now we have another Winterstorm Warning and it is suppose to start to hit Saturday night and the worse is suppose to be Sunday. I always worry about my loved ones being on the roads in such awful weather.

Now on to DAY NUMBER FOURTEEN of THE ADVENY SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE. No there wasn't a pair of pink "Barbie "EArrings or "Bratz "ones instead there was some pieces of candy...and couple plastic toy crickets. In sitting and playing with them and trying to figure out how to make them make the clicking noise I took ten years off my life for when it finally startled me...LOL They are truly a fun thing...will have to play with my grand kids with them. There was a note with them that said...

"On D-day the Allies used crickets to know friendly soldiers from the Germans while it was dark- we give them to children at the clinic as a toy. Strange to think of where a toy originated in this season of peace- One for you & your loved ones so you find each other in times of turmoil."

I just realized in this message here there might be a clue as to wh0 my Secret Santa stated " we give them to children at the clinic as a toy" This might be someone in the medical field...but still I am clueless since I don't know the occupation of all the tatters on the list...hmmm

Here is a picture of today's "FU" and there is that word again..."FUN"...and how many more days do the rest of you have to wait....lets see have eleven almost ten days to go before you all can open yours...and lookie there is package number 15....just waiting till tomorrow gets here...

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