Monday, December 24, 2007

My Christmas Eve that I thought I would share with you by bringing you into my home. HA!!! A well lived in home. You can see my craft stuff, pillows for bobbinlace on the shelves, my craft books, the kids books, old records...and shelves with old VCR extra bed...( I think Erin from Tenn. and tried out that bed btw) and the kids toys. I know there is alot of stuff here in this one room...but it is the room I am in most of the time with the kids. I VERY WELL LIVED IN HOME NOTHING FANCY AT ALL.
Now for pictures...... In the first picture is a picture of some of my family chilling out in front of the TV. This picture was taken after we all had Christmas Eve Dinner which consisted of....A American Cusine....HEHE...Grilled hotdogs and cheeseburgers with tater tots. How is that for a fancy Holiday dinner???? But for desert ...was some of my warm just out of the oven and now frosted cinnamon rolls...( am I making your mouth water now) and then we have chip, and veggies and dip...homemade fudge Chrystal my daughter made and brought over...and so much food we were just about bursting. Another view of the Christmas these are not just our presents but presents for brother and sisters. The whole family will exchange presents tomorrow and some of the kids decided to bring their gifts tonight instead of bringing them with them tomorrow. In another picture is my little grandson Peyton Lee...he is such a ham.

Again I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and I will be back here on my blog with you all tomorrow.

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Toptattyhead said...

Well Love, you all look like a happy and peaceful bunch in your cosy home. Christmas is a time for families and we are blessed to have families to share it with!