Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today I am going to show you day FIFTEEN and day SIXTEEN SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE GIFTS. On day sixteen it was the crocheted dishcloth. I really like the colors in the dishcloth. My Secret Santa said I could use it as a dishcloth or to wash my face with. I don't think this tatter is going to do either. I have placed it on my table that is on the pole of my standing lamp in front of the big picture window in my livingroom next to my grandmother's orange rocking chair. I still wonder how my Secret Santa knew about that chair. This one of my favorite places in the house that I tat in. Speaking of my Grandmother's orange rocking chair...I have a feeling that DAY SEVENTEEN 'S gift is a continuation of the story that was started on day EIGHT I think it was. So stay tuned on the same blogger url, same internet...but might not be posted the same time as this one was.
My Secret Santa on day SIXTEEN also gifted me with this beautiful colorway skein of Wildflower thread made by Caron. The colorway is called Havana. Look at the purples,blues and greens...all my favorite colors... My, Oh MY, Very pretty! I wonder what I will tat using this thread. My Secret Santa says this thread is a very Dragonique looking thread.
Right now there is a Winterstorm brewing outside my windows. Storm three for this Winter already.

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