Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The continuing saga of the Surprise Package I got in the mail yesterday. I had written to Gina's Tatting List and asked for help in deciding to open the package or not. As you can see from the previous post it said to open on Dec 1st on the box. Someone on the list suggested that maybe I was to maybe mail the package on to somewhere else...being a Secret Santa Trickster Elf.
I talked about it with my husband last evening off and on...he told me...Sher...you either open the box...or I will...well...GOSH!!! I can't have my husband doing that now can I???!! So I opened the box.....and guess what...it was for me...and it was not to mailed onward. What a surprise.
I have to tell you that this Secret Santa knows some things about me. One she knows I love dragons...here is a picture of the envelope of the wonderful letter I got in the mail.

And look...she drew a cute dragon next to my name and look at the dragon with the Santa hat on. And look what it says at the top left hand corner...open Dec 1st.
But after reading the enclosed letter my Secret Santa wrote...I know now that I am to have fun right up until Christmas...and I am going to share my joy and fun with you each day...so if you want a bit of Christmas Cheer each day ...come to my blog and see what is new for each day...I will try and get pictures of each day...that way you can share with me the FUN.
I have to say this is soooo wayyyyy cooolllll I never imagined that I would have an Advent Secret Santa Christmas Package....WHAT FUN HUH??????!!!!!!!!!! Here is the letter now...I thought I would share it with you all that happen to visit my blog once in awhile. But first...I have to play catch up and open 4 of the packages....ooooohhhh fun HUH??

The rattling that I heard when shaking the box carefully was these plastic mini ornaments. Now I have to say...I got to thinking as soon as I saw these...wouldn't they be cool on an 3D Christmas wreath? And I could use the very fine metallic thread that I have to cover the round ball...with maybe some really petite beads. What do you guys think of that idea? Do any of you have any other ideas what to use these ornaments for....I think they are pretty cool and fun....There is that word FUN again....LOL

Here is day ONE....Somebody also knows I love Halloween....which I do...but look at the fun stuff here...some pumpkin rings...which I tried to put one on Peyton today and he wouldn't have any of that...there was so Halloween candy...like a jelled eyeball for instance...well that piece of candy is right up my other Grandson's alley. He will get a kick out of that ...and I will give him a ring too...Heck I will give him a couple of rings...no sense in me hoarding all the rings huh? I also have some handmade flying ghosties....
...and this was all into the neatest....mug....like I said...someone knows I love Halloween.....I wonder who it can be...hmmmm there are no clues except that the box came from Canada.
Now for day TWO package...Isn't the witch cute? I wonder if my Secret Santa made her. She is a pin by the way...and the candy...again....I have two Grandson's that love candy...candy...candy...LOL
Now isn't this so much fun!!! I am so lucky to have this exchange...FUN everyday...I can't imagine it....Day THREE! And it is a very scarey bracelet...and those beads are way too cool....look at the black pumpkins and the Kitty Cats...This is not a scarey bracelet but....a FUN bracelet.

Day FOUR coming right at ya!! The only cats I have here are the not real ones...I have allergies to cats...but I love them just same. PUURRRRRRR.....
And the last day for this post is day FIVE....This is a little bag that is rolled up with some heavenly smelling potpourri in it.

And the very last picture for this post is a picture of the inside of the box showing there is more FUN to be had yet...I hope you will come and join me in my fun of opening each one of these packages. Having this Advent Secret Santa Exchange...give me some Christmas Cheer everyday...Gee, you can't help but feel good for the day then can you? I think I am a very lucky person that this Secret Santa knows some things about me. I just had another thought here....I wonder if this Secret Santa actually knows me personally...Now that is another thought to ponder to myself. Thank you so much for this package whomever you are...

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Unknown said...

WOW, are you ever lucky to have such a creative and generous secret Santa, enjoy.