Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here is day NINTEEN of the SECRET SANTA ADVENT EXCHANGE. I got a little spiral bound book that has this wonderful artwork on the first page of a flying dragon. One thing I have noticed on all of the notes is the fancy pretty writing. The little note went around the book and held in place with an orange pipe cleaner.

I have tomorrows out to gaze at every time I walk past my diningroom table...which if you have ever been to my dining area is right off my kitchen. There is no kitchen table...just one in what I call the diningroom. I have a small house. Sometimes I think it is too small. But I have been here for 20 years next year, so what can I say. A heck of a long time...might as well stay here.

Oh the package for tomorrow...well...the hints of what is in there is has a number "20" on is in a small package of 4 inches by 31/2 inches... and it rattles...I haven't got a clue what is in there...and I guess you won't either until tomorrow....LOL....LOL......LOL.....LOL....and yeah everybody...I am having "FUN" teasing you

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