Saturday, December 08, 2007

It has been a busy day here so far...and the end is nowhere in sight as of yet. It started off this morning with moving my livingroom furniture to make room for our Christmas tree which I have up in front of our sliding glass doors that go off to my front deck. In the past lots of years we have been putting up an artificial tree. NOT this year. My son Ryan who still lives at home wanted a real one for this year...I told him if he wants to buy it that it was fine with Ryan and my husband went out to get the tree. It is now up and tied to my slider wood frame to make sure it doesn't go where we don't want it to go...and that is down. I went up to our loft and got the Christmas stuff down. Haven't actually started to decorate it yet for my daughter Michelle wants to get new lights. I really don't think we need new lights...but that is what she wants to I guess Michelle and her father will be going out later on to get them after I get dropped off to my daughter, Chrystal's house for I have to baby sit the boys tonight while they go out and bowl. Right now I am just doing some housework before I leave. The decorating of the tree and house will be later on. I want to do some tatting but I guess I will have to wait till I go and babysit. Too much to do around here today.

But I did take the time to open the Advent Secret Santa Exchange Gift. And ....I was right. A whole bunch of pretty colored pipecleaners. You can read the note that is in the picture. On the back side of the note it says...make something "fun". I will have to think about "fun"....oh my there is that word again "FUN" three times...but who is counting really. I am just having FUN!!
We are getting more yecky weather. I am glad it held off until today so I could go to Hector yesterday, so now I will be worried again about everybody in my family who is driving on the roads. Bad road conditions is deffinately the really ONE thing I do not like about living in New York.
Okay....back to work now until tomorrow.

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