Monday, November 22, 2010

Hiya all, I have been busy this past week and a half painting lace bobbins that I will be selling on ebay. My budget like alot of us in the USA doesn't have room for Christmas Shopping after all the economy tanked on us. With my husband now making less money and bringing home a way less pay check than he use to before he lost his job of 33 years...things have been tight and they are getting tighter. I find it amazing with how tough alot of us middle class have it these days...that the prices of things keep going up. What is up with that...??? Anyhow....I wanted to have money to do some Christmas shopping and at least buy my Grandchicklets ( Grandchilden) something for Christmas. So, the only think I could think to do was to paint some bobbins. I am selling them on ebay under fortheloveoflace if anyone is interested in buy any of my bobbins or passing the word around on the lace list or to whomever might be interested. I do not plan on continuing to paint these bobbins though. Once I have some money to Christmas shop with I will stop painting the bobbins. Painting bobbins is time consuming and the only time I have to paint is in the evenings or when I am not watching Movie Star aka Girlie Girl aka Kiara my almost 2 year old granddaughter. My painting and babysitting her do not mix. LOL. So painting is only when she isn't here. I have found that painting alot on these small bobbins kills my neck and shoulders. And the money I get from painting bobbins isn't worth spending time being crunched over a table...but I need money for Christmas so there you have it. Here are a few pictures of the first three bobbins I have listed on ebay. I also put some shuttles I had from my collection...and I may be putting more on ebay. I will have to look around here tomorrow and see what else I feel I can live without. So here is Christmas Star bobbin done in Christmas colors. Then there is "Hear the Peacefulness" which is painted on the bobbin in gold paint with snowflakes in white and silver with some cold swirls. The last bobbin is a Snowman bobbin that says on it "Baby, It is cold outside" The snowman is holding a star and has snowflakes around him too. Now, I will have to think up more different bobbins to sell on ebay. So tomorrow night I will be sitting around with paintbrush in hand again. Well, it looks like none of these will enlarge when you click on the on the pictures so if you just save the picture you can enlarge it on your own computer if you want to see the bobbins closer up.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas will be here faster than I like to think about. Money is so very tight this year...and I have been thinking of how to raise a bit of money to at least buy my Grandchicklets something for Christmas so I am painting bobbins that will put up on ebay when I get them finished and ready. This takes alot of my time to do.

I use to paint Celtic themed bobbins for a bobbin of the month which I sold through Tracy the Lacemaker. I spent hours at my kitchen table all scrunched up with a tiny bristled brush painting very detail bobbins. My inspiration for my bobbins came from the "Book of Kell" which I actually saw at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Of coarse the book was in an enviroment glass case to protect the 800 years old manuscript. But I so loved the art. When I painted I went under the name of Celtic Dream Weaver. Hence, that is where my website name and where my messengers and email addresses came from . I stopped painting after doing it for some killed my neck and shoulders ...and oh yeah...lets not forget the back...but I want to be able t have some money to Christmas shop with for my I am painting.

I have also taken a look at Sharon's new Tatting Snowflake book. NO, I don't have it, but I went to take a gander at her site where she is selling the book. It looks like a real nice snowflake book. I bought one of Sharon's books a few years ago...and it was really well done. I don't want the ebook I want a hard copy. I don't have any color ink and I haven't had any in over a year now. Printing books are costly...and so sometime would like to get her book. I want to make some of her flakes.

This past weekend we went to Webster, New York which is a suberb off Rochester, New York for an 80 year old birthday party for my husband's Aunt. Here is a picture of her blowing out her candle. I have to say I timed taking this picture just right.

It was great to see family we haven't seen in awhile now. There was lots of food...and it was yummy food too. And did I say cake yet....oh my gosh...I wonder if it was one of those Wegman cakes. Yeah...I am a diabetic...with my sugars controled most of the time...but I just let myself go and had fun and didn't think too much of what I was putting into my mouth. I will say that I skipped supper. I think I just had a cup of hot Swiss Mocha coffee drink. It was a good day. The celebrations were at a lodge and there was a wood burning fire in the fireplace. So homey. The weather was perfect for the day. It was either in the high fifties or low sixties I think. And the sun was shining like there was going to be a huge candle sniffer around. But is a picture of me ( that is the beach whale on the right) and my skinny ( who can eat anything and not have to worry aobut it) in front of the fireplace. Speaking of Mr. I can eat all I want he must have had at least two plates full of food and let not mention all the food he kept picking up as he was going around talking to family.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have heard again from Barb Foster and received an email from her of the new colors for Lizbeth thread that will be coming out in December. I believe unfortunately they will be available after Christmas...but hey...instead of dreaming of fatting sugar plums dancing in your can dream of new threads instead. are pictures of the new colors and what the names will be. JUst look at the picture and then the picture number for thread color. Personally I love the Juicy Watermelon one the best in these pictures. I am still trying to get a variegated dark green colorway.

679 - Lime Green

155 - Ocean Sunset - Has Lizbeth colors 623, 644, 643, 696, 664 (new color),665

(new color)156 - Juicy Watermelon - Melon lt, Geranium lt, Geranium Dk, Lizbeth 628 and679

(new color)150 - Rootbeer Float - Lizbeth 692, 691, Brown Med to Brown Lt, Beige brownlt664 -

Ocean -Teal Med665 -

Ocean Teal Dk672 -

Burgundy673 -

Terra Cotta149 -

Peacock Blues - Electric Blue dk, Electric Blue Med, lizbeth 658, Deeproyal Blue

Sunday, October 31, 2010

As my card says...Happy Halloweenie!! This my favorite time of the year. It is when all the ghosties, Witchies, smiling Jacks, and the bones dance. It is when you can be whatever you want to be...and you can pretend to do whatever you want to do. What better day can there be than Halloween.?? It is when the leaves are damp beneath your feet, the moon is big and if you look real close it almost appears to be smiling right back at you. Gray pillars of smoke is seen making it curly Qs in the air and the smell tingles your nose. It is when the breeze kicks up and the leaves that are still waiting to fall free of the tree are doing their final pirouettes. It is a time when the chicklets get dressed up and the dreams of full candy bags dance in their heads...Candy...Candy...Candy...I want candy! And after the deed is done...they dump the bags and stuff themselves with sugar "high" energy. It is a time when parties are in full swing..bobbing for apples, the parade to show the best costumes, the hayrides through the fields, the crows calling in the distance, it is when dancing commences, and games of fun are played. It is when toilet paper makes lace on trees, and the smell of Fall is in the air. It is time for "Wizard of Oz" and I will get all of your Pretties and it is a cruel world, it is a time for Frankenstein, and all the bloody Dracs, it is time for the walking dead looking to claim a new soul and the late nights trying to watch all the movie great of the past. It is a WONDERFUL time of the year. My Favorite.
NOw to tell you what you are seeing in my Halloween Card to you all. Last Christmas my daughter Chrystal gave to me the "Wizard of Oz" snowglobe. She knows I love the movie. One side is the good witch Glenda and the other side is the Wicked Witch of the West. It plays "Witches Fanfare". The other witch you see in the card is my Rhianna Witch that I designed and made . There is a write up on her on my website here.... click on where it says the story of Rhianna. I made her about 5 years ago.

Also in the picture you can see my bat bowl and my witches' bowl. I got both of these from my friend Erin at past Christmas times. I love them and they stay out on my coffee table all year around. They are so cute and both have eyes that jiggle when touched. They are from what is known as Giltterville. They are both signed by the designer and are way cool. They are special and I love them. I just found out that they are stack able. I didn't know that. So the two are stacked now.

Now for the bowl with the candy in the middle is another story. One of my favorite places to eat is Macroni Grill. The closest one to me is in Henrietta which is a suburb of Rochester, New York. It is about 45 minutes from my house. My second favorite place is Cracker Barrel and I love their pecan pancakes. husband is always saying that he doesn't like to just sit around on his days off so yesterday morning I awoke and said ...hey, since we don't have the chicklets today how about going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I was really expecting him to say NO since I know he doesn't like to drive up there....but he said to will be a bit late for breakfast...( it was about 9 when I woke up) I could be brunch. I couldn't believe he said I hurried and got dress and threw a bit of makeup on and off we went. I did have my pecan pancakes with real maple syrup and some maple smoked ham. It was so good...and I was so stuffed. On the way out I looked around in the store and noticed that the Halloween items were 50% off. I saw this cute either a candy dish or cookie jar and I had to have it came home with me. The funny thing is it kinda matches my two Glitterville bowls I have gotten from Erin over the years. How cool is I decided to make my card to all of you with these items from my Halloween stash of fun Halloween things. Enjoy and I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hi all,

This year I did an Halloween cross stitch exchange with my fellow stitching friend Ann Bergeron of Baton Rogue, La. We have been writing back and forth and met on LittleHouser Needlework and Prairie School Lists. Here is a picture of the ornament I made for Ann. The pattern came from CrossStitch and Needlework Sept. 2008. It was shown in the picture going around a cup. Since I wanted to make the design into an ornament I decided to do it one strand of thread going over one. I like this ornament so much that I stitched another one for me. I still have to put the ornament together yet.I also sent Martha Ess's teapot that I tatted.

Today I got Ann's ornament in the mail and I love it. It has that primative look to it which I love. I am hanging it on my purple tree that I got from Maggie last year.So I will have two ornaments on my tree. Here are pictures of the ornament I got from Ann. I am wondering what thread she stitched it in. It looks like a vaiegated gray to black. It is perfect for the ornament. Thank you Ann so much. She also sent to me a LttleHouse Needlework patytern. What fun, huh??!

The picture of my ornament I did for Ann isn't enlarging. You can see a better picture of the ornament on Ann's blog. Here is the url for that.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is going to be super really quick here since I really right now do not have time to play on my computer but I did want to post these pictures so those on the Lace list could see theTm. The pictures are related to a posting on the list I did about wire lacing. Take a look at the beautiful alumuium bobbins my husband turned and made for me to use with wire. They work so very nice with the wire.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Just a quick post. Here is Martha Ess' Pumpkin Teapot. I just love this pattern. I made it in size 80 Lizbeth thread. I just wanted to show it off. Thank you Martha for sharing your Pumpkin Teapot pattern with all of us. I just love this pattern to pieces. :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

I think it is time for another post here. I am going to share more Palmetto Tat Day pictures and then I will show you a picture of my practice pieces of my Romanian Point Lace Cord. And the last picture will show you all just how much fun I was having on my vacation to Erin's house and Palmettos. Don't worry all...I still have lots of pictures to share. And just think...I will be going to Ithaca, New YOrk to attend The Finger Lakes Lace Guild Lace Days and take a class on wire bobbin lace jewelry in just about a week's there will eventually be pictures from that event too to share with you all. So let the pictures begin...I think you can tell we enjoyed clowning around in the stores. It was so much fun. This isn't the only store where people might have looked at us just a bit strangely.After we got back from the store it was again more time clowning around. Now does Sue Hanson have a piece of Rosemary Bread from Macaroni Grill in her hand or is it a piece of Lemon Cake we bought?

And since the beautiful work of art of a quilt was at Erin's house...we got to take a look at it before all the other tatters did. It was gracefully laid on a sheet on Erin's bed and we just ooohhh and ahhhhed over it. Now was this suppose to be a picture that I wasn't suppose to show or not...I can't remember right now.The quilt was stunning is all I can say...and I so wished I would have won it...but alas...I didn't.

On the way to Palmetto's destination we went on a Dragon Highway in the Smokey Mountains of Tenn. and Georgia. This road wound and wound...and wound..we went one way and then we went another way. I guess it is a favorite spot for motorcyclist to go. But shhh...please do not tell my sons Shawn and Ryan. They both have motorcycles and I don't think they know about the place. I have to say...near the end of the highway...we made a stop...and guess what...I was sick to my stomach. I guess I took so long in the bathroom that Sue gave up waiting for me and went into the men's room. She said she could hear me being sick through the walls. I have to say I have never in my life been car sick...but everybody agreed that that is probably what made me sick is the constant change of going one way and another and changing our altitude. But look at the view I got with my camera. Actually this picture doesn't do it justice. I would have like to have hung around a bit longer at this spot. There were big dragonflies flying around and there was a big huge grasshopper that landed on it. I wanted to get a picture of it ...but I couldn't move fast enough and it flew away.

We finally got to Georgia Baptist Conference Center located in Georgia. Here is Hope Bates and Deb Thompson at the registration table.

Erin make this beautiful pin for Ak Georgia Seitz. The story is Richard (her husband) gave to her a beautiful Amethyst ring that Ak couldn't wear anymore and asked Erin if she could make a pin for her and have her ring as part of the pin. There is a picture of AK with her pin on and the maker Erin Holloway next to her.It was a beautiful pin. I know Erin spent alot of time in making the work of art from her heart.

In the next picture is Katherine Buuckner of South Carolina. I know Katherine put in alot of work too. She was an assistant in my class with Nina when I took the class for the "Indian Summer Necklace" which I am still working on, but getting there. So here too is a picture of the necklace that Nina has on display. Isn't it beautiful??

In the next picture is Stephanie Wilson. She was my roommate for the third year. She actually called me later on and asked me if I was going to Palmettos again and if I wanted to be her room mate again. I was touched that she wanted to do that. Stephanie also has diabetes and we talked about that...and we did alot of talking. I think on all of the nights we never stopped talking until it was almost 2 AM. Stephanie also tat like there is no tomorrow...and Mark she out tats you big time. You should see all the tatting she does in one year. I don't think she ever sleeps or she tats in her sleep. In a earlier post I showed a picture of a tatted purple hat. The hat was tatted by Stephanie for me in an exchange. It is a small hat and so beautifully made. I was kidding around and thought it would be cute pin to the top of my head. Stephanie is a very giving person too. Very fun and very upbeat.

In the next picture is Martha Ess holding my pumpkin teapot that she made for me with another exchange that I did. IT is a beautiful teapot and now that Martha has generously put the pattern up on her website I can make one or two myself.

Next comes the Romanian Point lace braid. A you can see I did figure it out. I think sometime I will get some pictures of me making this braid and maybe do a flim clip of me making it too...and up it here on my blog. This would be for people like me that crochet left handed . It took me two days to figure this out. It reminded me of when I first learned how to tat...that took me two days also. Pat Pike from Amherst, New York area has showed me many times...but always when I got home I would forget how to do it again. ...making crochet cording isn't quite the same as making a crochet doily which I have made some over the years. It is it has its quirks on how to make the braid. So now that I figured it out I am going to design something for Halloween and make it. But I will have to wait until the weekend to really get into the designing...can't concentrate with the chicklets are here.

And now for one last picture for this post...Yup here is me and Sue Hanson. I am not sure what I am thanking her for now...I do know that while we were out shopping at the grocery store she bought me my very own half a banana keeper. You know diabetics are not suppose to eat a whole banana. A whole banana shoots the glucose up so I can only have a half a banana at a whack. So now I have my very own half a banana keeper. But I have to say...I love this picture. Again it just goes to show how much fun I had on my vacation. Erin was such a wonderful hostess. I wish I was already back in Tenn.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You have got to see these very yummy and pretty shuttles. Coming our way soon. They are Clover shuttles in new colors.

Will be available I think on Wednesday or soon after from Handy Hands. Here is the url for the colors that Handy Hands will have. I do know from Barbara that they are going to be getting awhole lot of these in but there will be some. I think the package of five will be selling for between 13.00 to 14.00 so if you want have better keep checking on their website. Here is the url for Handy Hands. I do know they should be in really soon. I would look for where it says new items. I am just tell you all of this since I know there are many that love the color shuttles...and these shuttle colors are to die for. Take a look at the soft pink one and the beautiful purple one. Signing. It is about time Clover came up with some new colors. Take a look at the colors. I also think there will be more size 80 thread too that will be available to order.

I think right now I will continue on with my story of my here are a few more words and pictures for you all to look at.

Oh ,first I think I will share this picture of a Monarch Butterfly that landed on one of my Butterfly Bushes. I have more than one of these bushes and actually this bush is a deeper and dark pink than it looks in this picture...but I so love the picture just the same.

Okay now on to my story ...ON my flight down to Tennesee I didn't have too much time between my connecting flight at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. I remember getting off my flight and looking at the time..and thinking my GOSH....I don't hardly have any time...and I really needed to take care of nature too...But I was running to get to where the bus connected to go from one part of the airport to the other part. I looked at the time that the bus was leaving. and nearly had a heart attack. My connecting flight was to leave I think it was 12:15 in the afternoon or something like that. The time before the bus left to go to the other part of the airport was in seven minutes and something. The time was already 11:50. I was so panicking. But I got on the bus and once I got to the other side of the airport ,the gate I had to be at was right there. So I I have enough time to using the Ladies' Room. I was told ...the flight was leaving in three I told her....forget the bathroom and proceeded to go down the gate to board the plane. I was running just about and I vaguely remember someone taking my carry on lugguge from behind me. I was panicking ....I got on the plane and said to the Stewardess...I need to use the bath room now. I went running down to the other end of the plane to take care of things...and I am sitting there...taking care of business ( I so hate using the bathroom on a plane) and I am looking at my purse sitting on the floor in front of me...and I panicked. Where is my carry on??? I thought oh my gosh...did I leave it at the gate when I asked about the bathroom. I couldn't remember taking it with me and bringing it on the plane...So I hurried and finished and ran out from the the stewardess...and said...I think I forgot my carry on and left it at the gate...but then I started I remember someone taking my carry on...I wasn't sure...and it was too late for by the time I got out of the bathroom the plane was starting to back out of the gate and I had to take my seat. So there I was...on my way to Knoxville, see my friend Erin Holloway and Susie Q. I couldn't do anything about my luggage...
Anyhow...after I landed in Tennessee I was so relieved to see my carryon. Whew...I really cut myself short and almost missed my plane. Next time I will allow myself more time between flights.
Anyhow...After I got my luggage I didn't see Erin anywhere so I called her. Another lesson I have learned over the flying years is to carry phone numbers in my purse and not in my luggage. Anyhow I was told they were just pulling in...and sure enough...there was Erin, Raymond and Susie Q all decked out in her purple attire and her very Brit looking hat.
Off we went to Erin's house for the fun to begin. Our stuff got dumped off and I think we went out to eat. We went to IHOP. It is kinda funny but here at home we see the commercial all the time for IHOP and I drool over all the food they show...but I really think we don't have an IHOP near us. I will have to do a search one of these days and find out. I ordered the Yankee Pot Roast with onions. Susie Q got this big omlet and Erin being the good girl I believe got a salad. I of coarse because of my diabetes problem did not eat all my dinner but had some of it boxed up. It became my dinner on another night ...actually I think I divided it up for two more nights. It was so very good. But for me potatoes are a killer. All that starch that turns into sugar .Waaaa....
The next day I think it was we all went out shopping...did I say remember my pictures with the beads don't aquamarine ones...that is when I spent alot of money and bought those. I don't regret that still for I know sometime this year I will make something out of them. I can't buy beads around those will become something special that I will design. Aquarmarine is my birthstone. Susie Q bought some beautiful Amethyst beads.Very pretty!!! I can't wait to see what Sue makes with the beads. Hmm... I thought I had pictures of us in the Bead Store but I guess I don't. I thought I had pictures in IHOP too...but I don't see any...Maybe Sue got some.
After shopping at the bead store we went off to eat at one of my favorite places to eat....Macaroni Grill. I had spaghetti and meatballs. I will be honest and admit that I ate the whole thing in one sitting. IT was so very good. I love that place. I will tell you all here too that my sugar readings were pretty much normal the whole time I was away on my trip. Since being home sometimes it is up ...I think it is because I am not very active at home watching the children. I need to do something about that and find away to get some exercise. I have even been thinking I need a jump rope so I can jump rope. Do they still have the cloth and wooden handle jump ropes I wonder or are they a thing of the past?

Here is a picture of us at Macaroni Grill eating.

After this outing we went back to Erin's house. Here is another picture of Erin and we all look relaxed? This was in the evening

The next day we went out shopping. Sue and I found this lusious Lemon cake...oh was so very good...and we also found some Rosemary Bread which I love. Erin also got the fixing for a yummy and very good salad. I love salad...and it is a good thing since I am a rabbit these days.
I have to explain what you are seeing in this next picture which was taken for Raymond's benefit. The night before Raymond showed us this very funny UTube clip of a father and son dancing on British You got Tallent show or something like that. Both were over weight and they both had wigs on and the were both great dancers. They were announced something...Flatley. Since I am a big fan of Micheal Flately with River Dance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and Tiger of the Dance and I think that Mieheal is a very talented dancer and I just don't think anybody can dance like he ears perked right up when I heard the name of Flately. And sure enough that is who they were immitating. It was so funny...but here is the funny part to me. Raymond didn't realize they were immitating Micheal Flately. He just thought it was funny. To me it made the clip all the more funny. We were dying of laughter.

Here is the url for the clip if you want to get a laugh too.
It was funny.
So we were in the grocery store ....since seeing this clip Raymond was going all over the house doing this Erin and Sue did it in the store...Funny huh??

Okay this will be it for this post...but the story will continue on another post. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hiya Everybody
It is blog time. First of is my "Noel" doily designed by Ben Fikkert and is on pages 20 and 21 in his "Floriade" book. I am doing it in size 80 Lisbeth thread in Summer fun and in solid colors that I am pulling from the variegate. This doily has plans which I will tell about later on.

You will also see some other things in the picture. Showing are some shuttles. One is the commerative shuttle from the Hintons. The other orange with the leaves on it is the commerative shuttle from AK Georgia Seitz. You will also note the flat really nice deer bone shuttle. This shuttle was handmade by Richard Seitz just for me which he gave to me. I have a staged picture of Richard giving me the shuttle. He promised to give it back to me. It is really nice and quite the treasure.
I came home from Palmetto Tat DAys with some treasures. First of all is this neato purple purse from Suzie Q or Purple Sue or Sue Hanson. Inside the purse was some fine bobbinlace thread ( Which NO MARK...I am not going to try and tat with it) and some other thread that I can use as a gimp thread in my bobbinlace or....tat.

I also came home with some other treasures made by some special people. In this picture you can see a beautiful necklace that my friend Erin Holloway made for me. Erin actually made two different necklaces. I let Suzie Q pick first and I got this one which I would have picked myself.

Also you can see in the picture a butterfly that I got from Riet, a bird of paradise I got from Martha , a angel from Marie Smith, and a beautiful Pumpkin TeaPot I got from Martha from our exchange that we did. I also got a cute and pretty tatted hat from Stephanie Wilson which I am letting my stuff Scooby Doo model from me.

Here are two tatted items I made during vacation. One is the butterfly from Riet's class that I took and managed to finish. I love this butterfly pattern! It was a very well thought out pattern. Also in the picture is my "Doodle the Poodle" from Erin Holloway's class. I didn't actually take the class. I did this at Erin's table before we went to Palmettos. I also love this pattern. The poodle is so cute and I did mine in black since years ago I had a poodle and her name was Chippie which was short for Chocolate Chip which was her real name. She was actually a cross between a standard poodle and a minature. She dies of Parvoe Disease. It is kinda funny...I guess I don't have the type of voice that people or dogs command to...She was kept in the house as a house doggie...but every once in awhile she would get loose and I would end up chasing her all over the place including trying to get her to come to me with brides of real meat...but she didn't have any of that...but my husband would call her and she would come...go figure.

I also got this beautiful bag from Erin...which fits in perfectly with next year's theme from Palmetto Tat Day which is..."Tatting in a Winter Wonderland". I think this is a cool theme for next year.I also came home with some beads from out jaunt to Lily's Bead Store in West Knoxville. The dragon on the bag was also given to me from Arlene Medder. I do think that sometime I will make a tatted necklace for it that was taught by Karey Solomon one year at Palmettos. I don't recall the name of the pattern but it was for the early bird class. I didn't attend it...probably too early for me.There is a strand of expensive Aquamarie Faceted Gem stones that I plan on making a necklace out of. Aquamarine is my birthstone and it was such a good buy I couldn't refuse. Since there isn't a bead store near me...I just had to get them. The beads were the most expensive thing I got.

I flew to Knoxville, Tn. and stayed with Erin on Sunday August 22nd and flew back home on August 30th. Sue Hanson (Purple Sue, Suzie Q) was already at Erin's house. She flew in on Friday. Anyhoo...I got to see what Suzie Q bought for the silent auction before it was put in the auction...and I said ...I am going to try and get that. It was this piece of linen (real Linen) with the flowers of the UK stamped on it. Since I have such fond memories of my trip to the UK and Ireland...I just had to have it...and I did get it along with the pretty necklace that was made by Vicki Clarke of Canada and was donated for the silent auction. I happen to also like Amber so that is why I tried to also in the necklace in the silent auction which I did win. I really like the simplicity of the design.

And here is a picture of some of the things I got in my Palmetto Goody Bag. It isn't everything I got. Some of the things I gave to my roommate since I was flying home.

And I will leave you this evening with one more picture. I've got more to share with you all...but blogging is time consuming...for it takes a bit to upload pictures and then you have to mess around because your text and pictures end up getting separated by big gaps of nothiningness. So I will post again really soon and continue on with the sharing. But here is Erin, Suzie Q and me at Erin's table of creativity.Don't the three of us look like we were having a grand time?? What fun!!!