Monday, December 24, 2007

I am from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes covered in flour. I am baking three batches of homemade cinnamon rolls. I have sprayed the floor in counter in trying to figure out how to use the new mixer...without reading the instructions, I have dough under my nailbeds, and my dish sponge will never be the same after cleaning bowls and pots with the sponge. I have already requested an item for my wish list for next year. I want the biggest metal bowl that can me found. I am right now using my huge soup pot to place my dough in for the final rising before being rolled out....will do that soon. If you want any...AT ALL... I am afraid my family will make them all disappear. This was their request...Mom's homemade cinnamon rolls.
It is day TWENTY-FOUR....this is what I got today in my package. 4 cloth napkins. This is what is so funny....they are purple...have you ever seen purple cloth napkins. I haven't...but what do you all think of me tatting an edge around all of these napkins...

Now there is one more day to do...and that is tomorrow. DAY NUMBER TWENTY-FIVE and then all of you can open your packages. I can't wait to hear about what everybody else got. Reading the "What I got Messages" are "FUN" to read and I am looking forward to them all.

I hope everybody has a safe and happy Christmas tomorrow. the meanwhile...look tomorrow to see what I got for day TWENTY-FIVE...which I can tell you rattles a bit....hmmm I wonder what it is...don't you??

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