Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hi all. I am so saddened this evening. Some of you may know that one of the things I enjoy doing besides lacing is cross stitching. My favorite designer I just learned passed away. She was only 51 years old. I went to her blog this evening to see if there was anything new posted and I saw a post written by her daugther Mariah that her mother had died. The cross stitch designer was Lisa Roswell of Ohio. She designed under Primitive Needle. I had this past Winter finished doing her design called "Witches Hallow". Some of you may know that Halloween is one of my favorite time of the year. Lisa designed alot of cross stitching that made you think of Halloween. Lisa and I were in contact about a design that she was going to work on this year and to have it ready around Halloween time. It was to be a Masked Ball design. I don't know if Lisa started working on the design or not. I know I was so looking forward to being her stitcher for the design that I suggested to her called " A Wicked Ball" or something like that. She told me that she wanted it to be a big design something like "Witches Hallow".To know that won't come to fruitation now is so sad but her passing is even sadder ( is there such a word to convene how I feel). She had so much talent. She was also a nurse and that alone tell me that I know what type of person she must have been even though I have never met her except from our writings.

I know I will miss her designs...and I know I still can't believe what I was reading this evening even though I did a goggle search and found the article of her terrible horrifying death. Lisa lived in Ohio and I think some of you might have heard in the news about the flooding that has been going on in Ohio. Lisa was on her way to work early in the morning when her car got swept into a creek into the Huron River. She had called 911 but rescue could not get to her soon enough. I will miss Lisa and her designs. My prayers are with all in her family. Here is a pictures of my "Witches Hallow" and her other design that I made that she was so nice and sent me the chart for as well as a few other of her freebie charts. My picture of "Witches Hallow" really doesn't do the piece justice. The colors were alot more vibrate. The only thing I did differently from her design was I used Weeks variegated black and orange thread for where it says "Witches Hallow." Here is the url for Lisa's blog so you can all see the talent she had.
I will so miss her writings on her blog and her designs. So wished this didn't happened and I so wished there would have been a "A Wicked Ball" which I am sure would have been a superb design as only Lisa could have make it.