Sunday, December 16, 2007

I have already posted once today...and here I am posting again. I wanted to show you something that my husband brought home from work. You can kinda tell he must have had too much time on his hands one day. About a month ago he brought home a shuttle that he made out of brass. There is no way you could wind any thread on it. I had mentioned to him that if there was an opening in the center of the shuttle I could then wind thread and actually use the shuttle made for me. So last week he came home with these three. The he told me the shuttles were not meant to be used...but...I told him...I thought I could use the brass one.

The other reason for this post is...I was wondering how many tatters are following the revealing of the Secret Santa Edvent Exchange Package. I thought if you could either leave me a comment here on my blog or email me it would be fun. I bet my Secret Santa is wondering how many followers I have at the moment peeking in to see what I got today....and the next day...and the next day until sure has been let me know if you are reading this please.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I am watching! It is so cool that you get to open a present every day! Can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Anonymous said...

me, me - I'm reading it, every day - I can't wait to find out who your Secret Santa is!
I've only just realised that I can click on the story to be able to actually READ it.

dani, the geek said...

hi Sherry!

i'm here!