Thursday, December 06, 2007

It is now DAY SIX...and here is what I got today...more Halloweenie I wonder what I can be creative and do with these...hmmmm Take a look at the pipe cleaner spider...isn't it cool...and the Bat....hey your heart out, me "Matie". and there is a pumpkin pin also made out of pipe cleaners. This Secret Santa has some tallent in making things out of pipe cleaners. I wonder if she has a book on that....for don't forget...I also had pipe cleaners flowers too.
In the next picture is my very first time I have tried to design tatting to cover a bulb Christmas ornament. I have been wanting to do these for years. Now that I have made this one....I want to make one for each of my four Children...What do you all think of my ornament?

In the meanwhile, stay tune for DAY SEVEN for tomorrow. I already have that package sitting on the table to walk by and wonder...walk by and wonder...and morewalk by and wonder....OH WHAT FUN....and I get to do this everyday until Christmas....LUCKY ME HUH????


Jane Eborall said...

Now TAT is scrumptious. LOVE the colours. Yummy, yummy.

Anonymous said...

That ornament is so beautiful. I like the way you finished it off at the bottom, it reminds me of a Sol(?) lace medalleon.