Monday, March 16, 2009

The precious one has been here since Feburary 25th 2009. Her name is Kiara Anna Townsend. She weighed 8 pounds. She is a really sweet little girl. So here is some pictures of my new Granddaughter which I am very pround of. These pictures were taken right after her birth which I was there to see the miracle happen. It got hairy at the end but everything was okay at the end. Just a tough delievery. She was vacuum suctioned and also the doctor literally got on top of Gingers belly and pushed down hard on it. The baby's heart rate was showing some signs of stress for she was hung up in the birth canal for a while. But...we all had a happy sign of relief....and Shawn gave me the biggest hug I think I have even gotten from him. She is a truly a miracle to us all. In the one picture you can see shawn getting to know his new daughter and getting his first pictures of Kiara. Her name was decided on completely until a couple days after her birth. I think she has a pretty name. Here is another picture of the Mom and Dad and the little one.

Last week I got to baby sit her for the first time. I managed to get a few pictures of Kiara.

Kiara does not like the light. And that is me with her rocking away in my rocking chair that I rocked all of my kids and so far all my grand kids in. I guess I am sentimental right now.

And now to a different topic. Knitting!! I have been doing alot of knitting lately. I have been working on a baby blanket that has a castle in the center of it fit for a princess like our Kiara with flowers going all the way around the outside with stars for the movie star. I also got my very first shawl knitted. Here is a couple pictures of that. It was from an online Kal called Mystic Ice and the designer was Anna Here is her blog address so you can learn something about this great designer of knitting.

I am working on another shawl right now by the same designer. This one is called Mystic Star...and I am on the last clue of the shawl right now...but I am planning on making mine bigger so I am changing my shawl a bit buy repeating some of the other clues.

This isn't the actual shawl. This is the part I goofed up on and cut and took a scan of it so I could show the yarn I was using. This yarn has a bit of blue, purple and black. Reminds me of the Valdani Quilting thread I used for the background of my Celtic Fan that I designed a few years ago. Anyhow my shawl is way beyond this picture right now.

Lastly here is a scan of my swatch for the next shawl which will be Mystic Roses. I decided to go with a color of a Peace Rose. I so hate buying things without seeing them with my own eyes. I really love this lace yarn but I would have liked just a touch of a buttery bright yellow...not alot but just a touch. This was knitted using size 4 needles. I haven't decided yet but I might go up to a size 5.

So that is all the news for now. I did do a bit of tatting but since it was proofing ...I can't show it...sorry Guys and Gals...but I just can't.....