Saturday, December 08, 2007

I am a wee bit late with the post today for I went to Hector, New York for a Christmas Tatting get together. I am home now. I did open my Secret Santa Exchange Gift this morning before I left but had no time to post about here goes...and what do I say about today.....

This is in what goes bump into the night kind of spooky.

This person knows about my orange rocking chair that was my grandmothers that I rock and tat in alot. It is my comfortie chair...I must have mentioned it somewhere in the past...a story I have written maybe...a past list message on my blog somewhere else ...some how this person knows about this chair...for I really do have a orange rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother. I keep it covered all the time for orange is not my color and orange deffinately does not go with my decor...The other thing I noticed...someone knows I love my coffee. I got to tell you I am not a tea drinker...hate tea...and actually I didn't like coffee either until awhile after I got married. I use to be a big time Pepsi drinker...thank got I gave that up for lent and haven't had any since...which has been for years now. The funny thing is I don't even like pop now except for a rare root beer...

Any"HO HO" today Secret Santa Exchange is a begining story that my secret Santa wrote.

I say it is the begining for you will see why at the end...I scanned it for you.

I hope that when you click on these they will enlarge enough so you can see to read the story. I also can see a simalarity between the melted shuttle blades and poor Mr. Green Shuttle and Mrs. Pink shuttle saga where Mrs. Pink Shuttle's blade was broken during her flight home from South Carolina and had to go to AKTatter's Hospital to be fixed...which she is as good as new again...I can't wait to read more of the story...don't you just love Cliff Hangers...

I also took a picture of DAY NINE's gift. I thought maybe you could have fun guessing what is inside the package. I was talking to Erin Halloway on the phone this evening and I gave her my guess as this...a paper towel cardboard holder with the rest of the pipe cleaners stuffed inside...please read the little note that is attached to this package. At first I thought and I told Erin was Erin that sent me the package because she loves the Martha Stewart Show... here is the picture I took of my bear that Timmy Guy gave me, that I named Namath,who is holding the DAY NINE the way...did you know that the New York Jets were my football team? That is why Timmy Guy gave me the bear that he won out of one of those machine's you see at Wally World. I know my team sucks this year...they have been sucking badly ever since Blue Eyes with the panty hose left the the Winter I even wear my New York Jets sad it that???

Note I have now opened eight packages while the rest of you have opened....hmmmm "0" as in the number zero...LOL...just having more FUN...oooohhhh there is that word FUN again.
In the last few pictures is some pictures I took this afternoon while I was at Karey's house. The pictures show the group of tatters except me the picture taker, a picture of a cube we were tatting over...mine is almost finished...and Me modeling my fingerless gloves that I got from Dani as the Christmas exchange gift...She made them and actually was finishing them when I got to Karey's house.

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