Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Blarney Stone....

Yup, Pam Myers said said something to me about kissing the Blarney Stone. Kissing the Blarney Stone either gives you the gift of gab or eloquence ...I wonder which one she was referring to. Well...I didn't but my husband did. Here is a picture that was taken by someone at Blarney Castle...this picture was then sent to our home address which the picture came in this nice folder with Blarney Castle pictured on the front of the folde

I myself didn't kiss the Blarney Stone. Being I am an Register Nurse...think have the tendency of thinking about germs. There was no way I was going to kiss the stone when I thought of all the others before me. Also I think it was mentioned that back in the day it was used as a latrine.

Here are some more pictures of Blarney Castle in County Cork that I took/

In picture one you can see the view from the top of the castle. The next picture over is the castle in the distance. The picture below left show where the fireplace was...that is my husband in the lower the floor was was wierd I remember seeing that fireplace above us. In the other picture you can see some of the rooms that were label..note floors.

In the last picture is my snowflake I tatted of Rainbow Brite HDT from Pamela Myers my good Irish friend.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I got a surprise in the mail today from Martha Ess. She designed these skull earrings and bracelet and sent me this set to me. She even put in purple beads. I think this is so cool looking. I was thinking adding glow in the dark filament or thread with the back would be cool too. My daughter Michelle thought this was way cool. I am so lucky to get this from Martha. She also sent me the printed pattern which is a good thing since at the moment I don't have any printer ink...and right now it is more important for us to get Wood Pellents for our Wood burning stove for heat which is what we heat our home with. Martha sent me an email and said she was putting the pattern up on her website. Here is the url for that so you can all get your own pattern to make this set. By making the bracelet longer you could also have a Skull Choker.

Her website name is Tat's Amore' Martha's Ess Tatting page.

Also Ruth Perry put up a pattern for a Celtic Snowflake recently on her

Here is mine...wish I could get that celtic leaf pattern too. I have just the right thread for it.
Thank you so much Martha for the "Halloween Tease" and thank you Ruth for the CelticSnowflake pattern.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I had a great time yesterday. I went ot Ithaca, New York to the Finger Lakes Lace Guild weekend event. I couldn't stay this year and take classes but I did have a great time. I bought home some real Irish Laces...very old....I will show them to you eventually and I won a couple raffles. I really like playing the raffles for it is really exciting to me. More on that later on too.

I had such a grand time yesterday that today I am actually not tatting but working on my huge bobbinlace pillow and working on my Bedfordshire edging that I started long before I found the internet. I am really enjoying myself and relaxing.

The sun is out and brightly shining and it is actually warm this week and is suppose to be for a few more days yet so I am going to have to get outside and get my flowerbeds ready for their winter blanket of snow and cold.

But the really "GREAT EXCITEMENT" from yesterday is, I finally met one of my Bobbinlace Idols. I use to buy bobbins from across the great pond from them. This is when I was working and I even ordered my bobbins by calling them in England. They do not turn bobbins or sell them anymore .

Maybe I should say a few of my Bobbinlace Idols. Here I am in a picture with......Christine and David Springett and another great Lacemaker and author of lacemaking Pamela Nottingham.