Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How about for today I share with you an old scan I did of some tatting I did that went into the "Online Tatted Centerpiece" which I named " Beauty in the Eyes of a Tatter" . You can see more pictures of this centerpiece at my website

There was also a published write up about this centerpiece in the Winter 2002-2003 issue of IOLI ( International Old Lacer,Inc.) Bullentin.
Here are pictures again...I so hate it when the pictures don't enlarge when you click on them...kinda ruins my post to have to do this...but I want you to be able to here is hoping you will be able to click on the pictures. Hopefully it will work this time. The other pictures I think will give you a larger picture if you click on them. Sorry about this...

Hi, first of all here is my angel that I named Angelika after Angelika the little girl from the cartooon "Rugrats" which that little girl is no angel as a matter of fact I think she is the devil in a little girl costume....LOL If you have ever seen the cartoon you will know what I mean...but my tree top angel "Angelika" is an angel. Ha! She is an angel that I designed a few years ago. I thought I would put her picture here for I noticed when looking at my website
You can't see her very well. So here she is in a bigger and closer picture. As you can see her dress was tatted with some of the yellow,red and green varigated thread that I have been wanting but can't find and I guess no one has...I used all I had on Angelika's dress.
Her wings were made of net with some sparkly silver threads through it. I attached the outside tatting to the net using encapculated wire tatting. Her underdress is white velvet. I do think she is pretty even though I designed her. Hopefully if you click on her pictures here you can see her bigger than the pictures of her on my website.

Now that I told you how I did her wings...I will move onto a related subject...tatting with wire and using beads with it. I am going to show you some of the wire tatting I have done in the past few years. First I will start off with my necklace that I tatted using black wire with elcheapo gold metal medallions. This was a fun necklace to make. The necklace also has beads throughout and designed.
In the next picture I will show you a floral spray that I think sewed onto black net. I used beads in this piece too. I am going to show you two pictures of this floral spray. One is I think the better picture of the tatted piece the second one shows how I converted it into a pin.
Actually when I just went looking for this picture...I had originally named the picture I fan that went nowhere...LOL...but as you can see a failed design can still end up something useful.

In the next pictures is an amulet bag that I made out of purple wire and brass wire...and again...beads...You have got to love those beads... Even the chain of this bag was made out of wire and beads.

Now this will lead me to some flowers I have tatted with wire. The first one is Mark Myers pattern. I did my leaves and stem differently from him fore I didn't have his pattern for his leaves and stem when I made mine. I proofed this rose for Mark and assisted him in teaching this pattern and how to tat with wire at Hector a few years ago. I have to say that I have discovered over the years that don't be surprised if your wire changes color. My rose is no longer as brite as it was when I first tatted it out of brass wire. I wonder how Mark's rose is fairing these days or if he has noticed the same thing...Maybe Mark will put a comment here and let us all know.

I have also designed my own flower which was published in the IOLI (International Old Lacer Inc) magazine, Summer 2003 with the pattern. I called it "My Heart's Desire". Kinda funny...I went and stole my own pictures from my website incase you didn't want to make the journey there yourself...LOL..

I have also used wire encapsulating in making flowers. Here is one of my designs that I made doing just that. My white rose with beads also added to the tatting.
All of my 3D tatted flowers have wire encapsulation somewhere.
I have also done some flower sprays using again...wire and using beads. These two pictures are actually the same design....just done with different wire. Mark Myers had sent to me a drawing and this is what I did with it.

And lastly my bobbinlace rose that is not my pattern but was designed by Margaret Keller of Ireland. It is a celticrose which means the petals are intertwined...and wire was used in the lace tape to allow you to shape the rose. I made two of these. One I gave away..and one I still have. It was bobbinlaced using thread that is actually like Christmas Icycles you put on your Christmas tree after decorating them, you know kinda plastic...the silver and gold stuff you put o your tree. So this rose really does sparkle a whole lot in the sun. It is still a very pretty rose and the fact that it is a "Celtic Rose"...welll....I still love it.

I hope you enjoyed my journey in playing with wire and beads.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Day. Just a couple of pictures to show you...tatting,tatting,tatting,tatting,tatting of coarse....
In the first picture if Mark's Millifore Heart Design. I am not sure if it is exactly like his or not. He sent me a challenge and this is what I did with it. LOL Maybe if Mark stops by my blog he can give us what he thinks...did I pass the test or not...

In this next picture is just fooling around ....trying out thread. I do like to doodle with thread sometimes. This is was made with King Tut Quilting thread. Love that stuff!! In the next picture is...tatting, tatting, tatting, tatting, tatting.....I don't have much to show because....I am working on Christmas Stuff Exchanges...and I can't show those until after Christmas time....LOL...oh man.....the LONGGGGGGG WAiTTTTT for those exchanges Huh?

Alot of GREAT DESIGNERS here in these hearts. We have Nell Corn from Colorado, Martha Ess from North Carolina, Karen Bovard from Nebraska, Mark Myers from Illinosis and Maus from Colorado and Susan Fuller but I don't know where she is from...but love her Heart's Desire Design a whole lot.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Man....I don't know why when you click on the picture it doesn't go and show you a bigger I am going to upload the picture again so hopefully when you click over the picture you will be able to see a bigger and better picture of my Teneriffe Piece.

Today just to do SOMETHING, my husband and I went to an antique mall and looked around. Not intending to spend any money for we have bills to pay...but I did find this..and paid only $5.00 for it. I think I got a good deal...what do you all think. This is Teneriffe Lace. It has Paraguay on it that was embroidered. Teneriffe is a made in mainly Spanish Speaking Countries. The other name for it is Sol Lace which means Sun Lace. I happen to think it is a good representation for Teneriffe Lace and I love the way it was done on a piece of material that was stretched onto this frame with string...simplicity in itself. My husband is trying to talk me into selling it.... I do make this kind of lace myself...and I really do like the way this was done. I have a feeling it was a souvenir of Paraguay.

By the way...why can't I ever remember how to spell souvenir...I always have to look that word up in the dictionary. Always....

Friday, November 02, 2007

NOSTALGIA...... according to "New World Dictionary" a longing for something far away or long ago or for former happy circumstances.

I don't get into my love for music on here...kinda hard to picture my love for music...but I have always loved music. My poor brother use to hear my music continuously played over and over again from his wall. I am sorry Chuck for that...but at least now I have more music so I don't continously play the same song over and over again like when I was a teen ager and you had to suffer with it. is a few pictures I took at one of those nostaligic moments in my life...I know the pictures aren't the greatest but these were taken long ago with what cameras we had available back then of coarse now you are not allowed to have your own camera with you. I was in the third row...the music was so loud I couldn't hear anything when I left the theater including my father talking to me who was right next to me. This was my sixteenth birthday present by the way from my that will give you some age to go by...does anyone recognise who these people are???