Sunday, December 16, 2007

I thought I would share the words to one of my favorite Christmas songs that I use to play alot for my children when they were all growing up. I actually played my album today and was surprised not to hear all the static that I usually hear when I play my old records...I am talking about the old 33 albums. I also happen to have this one song from the album on my ipod. This song makes me think of when my children were younger....and I was also younger. For those that don't know...I love music...and I listen to it just about every chance I get.

Here is the words to "Ding-A-Ling The Christmas Bell" by Conway Twitty.

The Christmas Bell Called Ding-A-Ling

Sung by Conway Twitty on his album “Merry
Twismas” Release date 1983

Gather around
And I will tell a story of a Christmas Bell
Who use to shine, chime and ring
And why they called him Ding-A-Ling.

One of the famou8 jingle bells is
What he was until he fell,
And broke his pretty harmony.
He then began to ring off key.

Now they call him Ding-A-Ling
Because he has a funny ring,
And doesn’t hit his note too well.
Ding-A-Ling the Christmas Bell.

The other bells met secretly,
And he heard one say in a real low key,
He is sure to ruin our Christmas sound,
And we don’t what him hanging around.
He overheard their secret vote,
And walked away with a lump in his note.
The saddest bell I ever seen.
The Christmas bell called Ding-A-Ling.

They all called him Ding-A-Ling.
Because he has a funny ring,
And he doesn’t hit his note too well.
Ding-A-Ling the Christmas Bell.

The snow was falling in the square,
When the children found him there,
And placed him on the Christmas Tree
For everyone in the town to see.

As Christmas Eve came to the town
A blinding snow ws coming down.
Ding-A-Ling heard someone say..
Old Santa was sure to lose his way.
The thought occurred to Ding-A-Ling
To ring as loud as he could ring.
When old Santa heard the sound it
Guilded him in to town.

Now the children shout and sing
And everyone loves Ding-A-Ling
And everything has turned out well
For Ding-A-Ling the Christmas Bell.

Also a picture of DaY TWENTY of the SECRET SANTA CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE. It is an beaded amulet bag. I was so surprised when I opened up the package. I have some tatted and one knitted amulet bags but I don't owe a completely beaded amulet bag. This was such a huge big surprise ...really big...The days are now winding down...and Christmas is getting closer and closer...some of you the wait will finally be over. I wish I could see all the magic that will be in your eyes as you open your Secret Christmas Exchanges....I know I can't wait reading about them on the list....that is so much fun I think.

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Anonymous said...

I think Secret Santa must have begun preparing all your surprises in January - or else s/he has a magic wand.
I've looked and looked at the list of who was in the exchange, and I can't guess who it is!
Lots of fun.....