Friday, September 15, 2006

OOPS...the one picture that I wanted you to be able to click on and enlarge so you could see the picture better ....isn't I am going to upload it again. I want you to be able to see how wonderful these shuttles are.

Now for a fun post...can everybody say YEAHHHH!!!
I spent alot of today tatting away. It was my day off from babysitting. So here is a picture of what I am working...can anybody guess what it is???LOL....
In the picture along with my tatting is my horn shuttles from Peter. As you can see at the moment they are tatting workshorses...just doing what they are told...over and under, under and over...that is what they are doing...tatting their little hearts right out.
As you can see in the pictures the shuttles are so very smooth to the look at touch that they feel like glass. The etching is also nice and smooth. And look at the point on Blonde and Darko. They click so nicely too when the thread is passed between their points. And take a look at the artwork....what better artwork can you have than dragons and Phenoixes. Do you see the different colors of the horn...I bet you didn't know there was so many different colors did you? But Peter has his secrets for the horn coloring. If you are use to the Clover and Susan Bates will find these shuttle right at home in your hand and the beauty of the shuttle is...they may work like workhorses like Susan Bates and Clover shuttles that I know some of you just love but they are beautiful to the eyes too. Be looking for more of Peter's shuttles being shown here for all your Eye Candy Pleasure.
Let know if anybody can guess what I am now making...and NO it isn't another tablecloth...LOL

Aren't theses shuttles beautiful??!!

Anyhow...back to my tatting. Thanks for stopping by.

I would like to thank everyone who said a prayer for my husband and my family. I thought I would let you all know that the biopsy didn't show any cancer cells. The doctor did say that he will have to have test every so often to keep checking for any cancer. His PSA was up and they want to make sure they are ontop of it. So we are very much relieved by this excellant news. So much so that we are going on a vacation at the end of the month where I will meet up with a bunch of tatters. So I am very much so looking forward to his. More later on the vaction/tatting get together. But again thank you all for your prayers.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Do you remember the beads I found at a Flee Market at the Steam Peagent that was in Canandaigua? This is what I made using those beads. Like I said...It isn't a Nina Libin Masterpiece ( love her designs) but it is wearable LOL and looks like it could be a necklace, bracelet and earrings...a matching set. This is all the tatting I have done lately....will soon be embarking on something else.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My mind is on alot of things lately. This morning my husband went for his prostate biopsy. We won't know the results until next Tuesday. I so hate the waiting. He is a bit uncomfortable today and has been resting.
Sorry I don't have any tatting to show you...I haven't been tatting. I have been reading to escape things right now.
But my sweetie of a friend sent me some beads and thread today...I have been wanting to make a bigger purse maybe for everyday out of this varigated blue and off white thread that Erin sent to me a couple months ago. The beads will be great with the maybe I will start something. But it will take me along time to get it finished. This will be another huge project....
Why, Oh why don't I like something easy like stick figures....LOL