Thursday, August 05, 2010

This is a necklace that I started last year and took with me when I went on vacaton to see Erin and to also go to Palmetto's Tatting Event. I finally finished the necklace up two days ago. There is a couple pictures of it. Maybe you remember the necklace Erin...anyhow...I used Marilee Rockley's HDT colorway Summer Trail. I used all kinds of beads as you can see in the pictures...I used Microc Macrame' and tatting to make the necklace. This necklace really sparkles and the colors are so much more brighter than the pictures are showing. I find when things is hard to really get good pictures. This was my own design and just playing around to see what I could come up with. I am so glad it is now done...another project finally finished.

Speaking of projects...I have been looking at my poor Thistle Bedfordshire Bobbinlace Bookmark that I started a couple years ago. I am thinking of working on it again and see if I can get that project off my pillow before the year is out. I got to get these unfinished project done...that is all there is to it. Enjoy the pictures.