Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ah the day after Christmas and I am leaving the red and green type colors behind for now. I have lots to show so....I am going to make you all suffer and show a bit at a time. Today I will start off with the DAY TWENTY-FIVE of the ADVENT SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE. I got this really cool tatted amulet bag.

My Secret SAnta had mentioned on an earlier note that came with the Christmas Ornament that she really like Mark Myers half ring tatting from his one book that he printed and sold and that I would see this technique later on. I think she used it in the tatting of the amulet bag..but I haven't figured out how yet. She only signed her card as SS so I still don't know who my Secret Santa is...I hope she writes to me and lets me know for I would love to know how she went about making my amulet bag. She also included this very pretty white pearl beaded with a red tatted flower center either an ornament or a place to put my needles. I think I can use it for both since they has folded up green felt inside of the tatting. What do you all think?

I am also going to show you my Christmas Ornaments that I tatted and gave away. I do not have one to call my own...all of them grew wings and went elsewhere. Right now I am making an ornament for my Daughter Michelle and then using Dallas Cowboys Football team colors I am making one for my son Ryan. Enjoy looking at all of my pictures and reading the journey of me opening my Secret SAnta Package every day. I thank my secret Santa a whole lot and how she will write to me pretty please with chocolate sauce and a cherry nestled in chocolate whip cream on top of a fudgie brownie.

There was another ornament but for some reason I either didn't take a picture it or I put it in the wrong folder...I can't find it and now it is too late for me to get the picture for hopefully it is hanging on someone else's Christmas tree looking pretty.
More tomorrow so stay tune for more Christmas stuff...can you all stand it???!!!!!!

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Tattycat said...

All of these are too breathtakingly beautiful for words! Lucky are the people who received them!