Friday, December 29, 2006 to continue with my posting here....
Here is what I received from Bette Carson of Indiana. Thank you so much Bette for sending these to me.

I had said for my preferences for chocolate that I liked White Chocolate and these are hugs from Hershey. They are white and milk chocolate. Click on the pictures and you can see how pretty the beads were in the weath that she made for me. The Mini M&Ms container is the biggest I have seen...and look it is a purple one :). The little purple bag was so cute. I wonder if she made it or if it was store boughten..but the two aero bobbins fit perfectly inside that bag. The silver dragon I have already put to use. I sewed it on the front of my Tatting Housewife that Hope Green from Florida made for me.

In the next pictures I will show you is what I made for my friend Erin Holloway in Tenn. I made her a pink amulet bag.

I also painted a pair of the bobbins you see for her and one other person. I don't know yet if that person has received them or not...haven't heard from the person.

I also painted another set of these bobbins which I am keeping here with me. I almost always paint a bobbin just like the ones I give away.

Now let me show you what my friend Erin sent to me...she sent me all kinds of goodies. She sent me some metallic sewing machine thread...which is great for tatting tiny isty bitsy snowflakes and some wonderful beads. She also sent me some sweets for my sweet tooth too. I also sent sweets to all of my exchanges....You got to feed the tummy as well as the tatting soul. LOL.

She also sent me this absolutey beautiful tatted necklace. The work in this necklace is so very fine and tiny. It is a really beautiful to look at.

Do you see the bobbins inside the necklace. She also painted the bobbins for me. These are special bobbins for they are painted by Erin and not me....LOL. I love things that are made by someone else. But I have to say the necklace really took my breath away. Thank you so much Erin.

Now for the next exchange...was with Carol Amich in Indiana. First I will show you what I did for her...and then I will show you what she sent to me...wait until you all see what I got from her.....

The bag was hand sewn....I was too lazy to drag my sewing machine out even though it was right in the dinning area. How bad is that...I then tatted the edging going all the way around. If you notice I had different edges from the sides to the top and to the bottom which I also added bells too. The edging was all beaded with red and green beads also.

The tree was tatted with fine machine metallic thread with petite beads on it. The pattern is from Monica Hahns Book of Christmas patterns.

I know Carol loves things that are batty and bump in the night so I painted and decorated the bat shuttle for her. I wonder if she has tatted with it yet....LOL!!!

But wait...till you see what I got from Carol....I was so surprised.

She sent me a Whitman box of chocolates....since I have been sick...they still remain upopened but not for long ....LOL...she sent me things in purple like an Sharpie Pen, a notebook, and an Calendar I said ....all in purple...

She also sent me two examples she has for napkin rings. One is a Santa and the other a Reindeer....they are too cute. Here is a Picture of them.

She also sent to me this cool card that she put together... I have also found out from Carol that she used my Celtic Dream Weaver Logo for something...can't remember what now...but she changed the hair color to suit her own...LOL. But take a look at this card...there is Tatman's Tatting Spider...and Carol's wonderful idea of having a tatting shuttle become part of an angel and take a look at the tatting shuttle hanging from the tree. It has the holly pattern on it. I asked her if she had that shuttle and she said no...but got the picture I think from the internet and made the shuttle in color instead of silver. What a cool idea huh??

But take a look at what she sent to me. Inside her card she said she thought Eli my fairy needed a friend so she made one for him....and just look at what she made for me....a one of a kind "DRAGON " He is so cute and I just love the colors she did him in....he is just perfect to go with Eli and My Fairy I got from Wally...they are like a family now...Male and Female and their pet...LOL

ENJOY THE PICTURES....and DROOL on your OWN Computers....

I haven't come up with a name for him yet....I am thinking...and thinking....and thinking...OH NO....I have smoke coming out of my ears....LOL....

The other cool thing that I got is this wooden tray that has places to put your pictures behind the glass. I got this from my son Shawn....I am thinking of putting family pictures in it and frame each picture with a tatted edge. I don't plan on using the tray to put my food on but to use it to put my tatting supplies on or whatever I am working on supplies on. Just think...I could put a zillion beads on it...and have them all contained in one spot....LOL. So I thought this was a neat thing that my son gave to me.

I also started on making my new Grandson's Christmas Stocking. It is sewn together but I still have to decorate it. I think I will be working on it off and on this year.

A couple weeks ago I went to Karey's house in Hector, New York for a Tatting Christmas party. I tatted another white 3D Christmas tree and I can't remember what else I did for my exchange partner. But here is some pictures from that event.

In the first pictures is Ginny Weathers and Kathy Robinson. In the next picture is Shirley and Karey Solomon. We were working on bows tatted onto buttons. Also here is a couple pictures that were part of the exchanges...I didn't think to get my camera out soon enough to get pictures of the other things people made and exchanged. The Tatting over glass ornament was made by Ginny Weathers. Inside the ornament is a snowflake. We were all wondering how she did that and discovered it is a flexible snowflake that fits through the opening at the top. What a cool idea. I wish I could get more of those snowflakes. Ginny did give me might try making an ornament and adding my snowflake inside it. The other is a wreath. I think it was made by Shirley. I can't seem to remember Shirley's last name but I always remember her first name for my mother's first name was also Shirley. Sounds alot like Sherry doesn't....I wonder if that is where my name came from....hmmmmm....I will never know now....

Okay....I haven't posted in awhile...but I have now written a book. I hope you all enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures...I am sure I have forgotten something.....

I hope everybody has a safe and Happy New Years and may the New Year be more happiness than you could wish for.

I hope everybody had a nice Christmas!!
I have been sick the past couple of days and am finally feeling today I did some piddly things to get my home in some kind of my kitchen table which I couldn't even see...but since I got sick...I had no energy to do anything. So I finally put some things away...took some pictures to share here on my blog...and to update my blog.
I know I have asked for prayers for my husband....who did have his test done on the Dec. 27th. We got a phone call yesterday and were told that they didn't find any cancer. This was good news even though they said everything pointed in that direction so now they are putting him on some antibiotics to see if this doesn't help. There is still the spot...and his PSA is still up...but now they are thinking it is a nasty infection that is causing all of they are now going in that direction. Anyhow.....there were many sighs of relief here. Thank you for your prayers, sincerely.
Now for some pictures....and fun things to write about....

First of all I thought I would show a picture that I took on Christmas Day of my children and my two grandchildren. I took about 6 pictures of this pose...for the kids have a tendency to goof around...and I wanted one good picture. This one isn't too bad...My kids sure do hate when I start trying to get pictures of them as a group...but it is rare that my kids are in one place at the same I have to take advantage of the moment...

Now I will show you a couple things that I made for Christmas exchanges.

First is an amulet bag that I made or the "Tattinggoddess Christmas Exchange" Here is a link to Gina's Blog.

I used Valdani Quilting Thread to make this bag with tiny istsy bitsy beads. Jill my SS partner had stated she liked green and purple so I made this bag keeping that in mind. It took me quite awhile to make the bag for since I babysit Monday-Friday I don't have a whole lot of tatting time anymore. I also painted the shuttle that you see in the pictures. You can see the front and back side of the shuttle as well as the bag in the pictures.

In this picture I will show you what I received from my Tattinggoddess Christmas Exchange from Bette Carson of Indiana.

Okay for some reason my pictures are not showing up now when I up load I will start a new right back with you all.....LOL ...gotta love technolgy....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hi everybody...did you all get your exchanges done and in the mail? Whew...
I thought I would share with you a bit of what is going on with me lately. I have had alot of computer problems since just before Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes I don't have any router is now not working for my son's laptop and I have been on the phone with Tech Support more than I care to. I am depressed and tired of playing with my computer. I told my husband know....I didn't always have a computer and I guess I could learn to do without it. Right now I just want to throw Micheangelique right out the door. Now not only do we get to play...will Sherry have the internet today or not...but now it is running slow. I have checked things unchecked things I was told to do by tech support so much, that I feel Micheangelique is on the decline. Not too sure if I would be missed or not anyways.
I have been worried about my husband. I sure do hate this waiting and not knowing what the future is going to be for us. I am trying to be optimystic..but it is so hard.
I think I am feeling depressed again. Things are out of my control...and the roller coaster ride is not fun.
Maybe after Christmas I will have some pictures to share.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Here is my 3D Christmas tree that I made after being in the online class this past week. It was fun to do but I can see another way in making it. Sometime I will make another one...but the tree looks pretty on my tree. I did it in white so it would stand out better from the rest of the green and red colors that you see so much of on a tree. I also did my own thing as far as the top of this tree goes. Peeking behind the ornament you can see part of one of my Hershey Ornaments that I Have been collecting for over 20 years now. My tree is covered with them...maybe I will get a picture of that tree which is one of two trees I put up this year. The other tree is the everything but the kitchen sink tree and the other one is my "Hershey Tree". The Hershey tree actually has purple garland on it...someone gave my daughter Chrystal the garland and last weekend when I was helping her with her tree...she threw the garland at me...and said...I think you should have this garland.
As for my Christmas tree angel Angelique that is shown on my website
She isn't on either one of the trees...she is too big so she remains where she has been, on one of my blue mirrored end tables.
Now I am off to do more tatting....or lacing...or something....

Friday, December 08, 2006

Does anyone recognize this doily? Does anyone know where I can find the pattern for it? I took this picture of this doily that I believe was on display at the Palmetto's Tatting Event a couple years ago. I really like the design of this doily. If you recongize it...could you please send me an email to my email address which is:
Thank you so much....I really like this doily. I wonder who made it.....
Today I have the day off from babysitting. So I am trying to get alot of stuff done here.
I don't know if you all know this....and probably don't....but I am a music nut. I find it relaxes me. Every year I search for a new Christmas CD. I usually look for Celtic Christmas music but there doesn't seem to be much of it this year. At least not in my locale. But I did find "Celtic Woman Christmas" CD. I have another CD by them too in my music collection. I am always looking for Celtic Music. But if you are looking for a new Christmas CD to listen to during the Holiday Season...I would recomend "Celtic Woman Christmas" CD. It is very beautiful! I might even listen to this CD when it isn't Christmas time.
I am known around here to play my Celtic Christmas music all the year through...does this mean I try to keep the Christmas Spirit in my heart the year around I wonder...or is it I just love the music. LOL....probably both.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hi everybody,
This year I think the Christmas Spirit is going to snuffed right out of this house.
This morning my husband had to go and see his urologist. The news wasn't good. My husband had blood work done last week for this appointment to see what his PSA was doing. It has really jumped up. This is a cancer maker in men...mainly checking for prostatic cancer. He had this checked also earlier this year. It was up then and he had to have a biopsy done. The biopsy didn't show any cancer cells...but we were told just because they didn't get any didn't mean it wasn't there. He also has a hardened area on his prostate. This was a huge scare then.
Since his numbers jumped up so much he now has to go to Strong in Rochester, NY which is the big hospital around here. They are going to have to do another more thorough biopsy on the protate. He was told they have better equipment than down here in the Canandaigua Hospital. I am really worried. He has to have this done around Christmas time. I feel Christmas is just going to be horrible for this is all we will have on our minds...the worry about what will be down the road for us.
I think I need a flew of tatted angels to watch over our house this year. I am so upset by all of this. I hate the not knowing.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

This is going to be very short. I was taking files off my computer and putting them on CDs...and came across this picture of Celtic Dream Weaver...wearing and doing what she loves...She thought she would share the picture with you all.

When I have more time...I will write about my time in Ithaca during FingerLakesLaceGuild workshop and show some lacing pictures that I took.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Okay for some reason I couldn't seem to get Carol's tatting to show up on the blog....I am going to try it all by its little self....LOL...and it better work this time.... looks like the picture is now uploaded...enjoy...aren't they cute..take a look at the kitty cat charm in the witch....

My Halloween post....I know it is after lets call this post
"The Nightmare Before Christmas"
I decided to do an Halloween exchange with someone who I feel enjoys Halloween as much as I do. I got my exchange from Carol Amich way long time ago...but I just put the package in my antique wicker tea table. No I don't drink tea...hate it actually...isn't that kinda funny being English and Irish...but it is the truth...but give me a nice cup of coffee or cocoa and I am there. Anyhow....I felt I couldn't open Carol's package until I mailed her exchange off to her. I wanted to do something really I hoped was nice since she sent me Eli...which is pictures on another one of my blog posts somewhere. I made her a witch. This witch took me forever to make. I baby sit Monday through Friday my little grandson Peyton...and he doesn't give me much time for I just kept working at it as much as I could. The other problem was I wanted to make two of I would have one here so I could figure out what I did. Usually when I design something I design it as I go from a picture I keep seeing in my head. Sometime it looks like what is in my head and most of the time it doesn't...but I like designing just the same. So there I was making two identical witches. Halloween was coming and coming closer....and I just knew I wouldn't get it done in had to send Carol an email letting her know that her exchange wouldn't make it to her house before Halloween.
I know Carol got the package from me today for I got an email from her. Maybe she can share with you her thoughts of her witch named Miranda. My witches name is Madeline. I made them so the witches would look like they are trick or treating...note their trick or treat bags...complete with chocolate ...and not Carol's witch...she had bats on her bag. I did that intentionally. I wonder is she noticed the bats on her bag.
I painted their faces...and their dress are completely tatted. I also tatted their hats and them put them both together. The witches stand up with some encouragement. My witch is keeping company with Eli the elf right now. LOL
Carol sent me some candy...including a candy necklace and bracelet which I am giving to Timmy Guy...I am keeping the Peanut M&Ms for myself. LOL She also sent me her cool Halloween designs that she I think has shown around. Here is a picture of them.

Anyhow they were fun to make...and now I have moved onto Christmas exchanges...I wonder what I will do for them....hmmmmm.....I am not telling is a wait and see for all of you.
Here are some pictures of the witches. Enjoy looking at them....

Sorry I have been really bad with posting here...been busy and I just kept putting the posting off. Anyhow.... At the end of September I went up to Lake George, New York. Lake George is in the Adirondack region on the eastern side of the state. It takes my husband about 5 or 6 hours to get there. This was a planned vacation for in Warrensburg is just north of Lake George and they always have the whole town Garage you walk...and you walk and you walk until you just about drop. Here is a picture of the bandstand in the middle of the town. If you look really closely to the right of the blue car you will see a man with a black sweat shirt on and a tan colored cap. That is my husband.

In the next can see the bustle of people that were going up and down Main Street, Warrensburg.

I also got to get together with some of my Tatting Friends while I was in Lake George except I think we actually went to Saratoga, New York and I am not sure but maybe West Glen, NY. I was picked up by my friend Kathy Berndt. Kathy and I use to work together here in Canandaigua which is where I live. Kathy use to live in Victor, New York. Anyhow....we went down to Saratoga and I met up with some other tatting friends at a BEAD SHOP!!!!

I walked in that door and thought I was in BEAD HEAVEN. There is no bead store around where I for me ...this was a real exciting to be in a bead store for the first time. I bet my mouth dropped to the floor looking at all those beads...and then trying to decide which ones to buy was hard. There were sooooo many. But I did buy some. And it was so much fun!!!

Here is some pictures of the Bead Store.

Here is a picture of some of my tatting friends. From left to right we have Doris, Joanne, Ginny and Kathy. See the beads on the wall behind us?

Also during the weekend we got together at a coffee shop. I had coffee that night that was to die for since I am a coffee drinker and I hadn't had a decent cup in a couple of days....but there was also a ton of sweets....but I didn't get busy chit chatting and showing tatting off...and seeing tatting done by others and just having a great ole time....

For instance....take a gander at Doris's Hat. Isn't that wild...and pretty. So here is a picture of hat without Doris gracing it...and a picture of Doris wearing her hat. She was a really fun lady!!

Here we are sitting around posing for the picture and having a good time. You can see I stole Doris's hat.

On Sunday that weekend it was raining kitty cats and doggie my husband and I did not venture out to do anymore garage saleing so ....Kathy came and got me from my motel room and we went to Joanne's house and tatted there. I got to meet Joanne's sweet kids that were full of energy. I to got to meet Kathy's pooches too...

I want to thank the girls for so much fun. Also Holly, can you send me an email with everybody's email address that you see in the picture to my email address ...Joanne has it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

OOPS...the one picture that I wanted you to be able to click on and enlarge so you could see the picture better ....isn't I am going to upload it again. I want you to be able to see how wonderful these shuttles are.

Now for a fun post...can everybody say YEAHHHH!!!
I spent alot of today tatting away. It was my day off from babysitting. So here is a picture of what I am working...can anybody guess what it is???LOL....
In the picture along with my tatting is my horn shuttles from Peter. As you can see at the moment they are tatting workshorses...just doing what they are told...over and under, under and over...that is what they are doing...tatting their little hearts right out.
As you can see in the pictures the shuttles are so very smooth to the look at touch that they feel like glass. The etching is also nice and smooth. And look at the point on Blonde and Darko. They click so nicely too when the thread is passed between their points. And take a look at the artwork....what better artwork can you have than dragons and Phenoixes. Do you see the different colors of the horn...I bet you didn't know there was so many different colors did you? But Peter has his secrets for the horn coloring. If you are use to the Clover and Susan Bates will find these shuttle right at home in your hand and the beauty of the shuttle is...they may work like workhorses like Susan Bates and Clover shuttles that I know some of you just love but they are beautiful to the eyes too. Be looking for more of Peter's shuttles being shown here for all your Eye Candy Pleasure.
Let know if anybody can guess what I am now making...and NO it isn't another tablecloth...LOL

Aren't theses shuttles beautiful??!!

Anyhow...back to my tatting. Thanks for stopping by.

I would like to thank everyone who said a prayer for my husband and my family. I thought I would let you all know that the biopsy didn't show any cancer cells. The doctor did say that he will have to have test every so often to keep checking for any cancer. His PSA was up and they want to make sure they are ontop of it. So we are very much relieved by this excellant news. So much so that we are going on a vacation at the end of the month where I will meet up with a bunch of tatters. So I am very much so looking forward to his. More later on the vaction/tatting get together. But again thank you all for your prayers.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Do you remember the beads I found at a Flee Market at the Steam Peagent that was in Canandaigua? This is what I made using those beads. Like I said...It isn't a Nina Libin Masterpiece ( love her designs) but it is wearable LOL and looks like it could be a necklace, bracelet and earrings...a matching set. This is all the tatting I have done lately....will soon be embarking on something else.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My mind is on alot of things lately. This morning my husband went for his prostate biopsy. We won't know the results until next Tuesday. I so hate the waiting. He is a bit uncomfortable today and has been resting.
Sorry I don't have any tatting to show you...I haven't been tatting. I have been reading to escape things right now.
But my sweetie of a friend sent me some beads and thread today...I have been wanting to make a bigger purse maybe for everyday out of this varigated blue and off white thread that Erin sent to me a couple months ago. The beads will be great with the maybe I will start something. But it will take me along time to get it finished. This will be another huge project....
Why, Oh why don't I like something easy like stick figures....LOL

Monday, August 28, 2006

It is now six o'clock in the morning and here I am up and awake looking for something to do. I have actually been up since five this morning. My husband went in to work early for overtime. So he was already out the door before five. I don't know why... but when he is gone I sense it in my sleep or something and then I am awake. I toss and turn...and can't get back to sleep. This morning I had awful heartburn for some reason too....and finally gave up and got out of the bed.
What can you do when it is still dark out...and everybody else is still sleeping...??
I turned the computer on...but already I don't want to sit in front of it any longer really...Yesterday my daughter was on the computer all day and most of the evening reading fan fiction. I just don't know how she can sit in front of the computer for hours reading. I get bored easily and just can't sit in front of the computer that long.
I have already read my email...not too much exciting going on there. I have read about the 25 motif challenge...but don't feel I can come up with that many I am not taking part in that.
I mentioned about my husband having to have a prostate biopsy done. I thought it was scheduled for Sept.22nd and I are they waiting so long before doing that...but I have found out I was wrong about the date...he is having it done on Sept 5th. But even so....I still hate waiting even that long to find out anything deffinate. I am so worried.
We were planning on going away at the end of Sept...but now our plans are on hold until we find out something for sure.
In my previous post I showed you Peter's shuttles...which right now I don't have...they got onto an airplane to points far from me. I also showed you the beads I bought at a flee market. I have made a necklace so far out of the is not a Nina Libin masterpiece...but it looks like a necklace. I still have more of the beads and I am going to make a bracelet and earrings I think to match...wondering how far the beads will stretch....When I get the bracelet and earrings tatted up I will post a picture of the set...until then....may you all find happiness.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I was in a hurry this morning...had to go to the dentist..."Dentist" is not a word I like...but I am back home now...anyhow...I should add here that the grayish/off white shuttle is horn from albino water buffalo that is only in the Philippines and china and the orangish shuttle is dyed black horn from water buffalo and the black shuttle is from water buffalo. Anyhow...these shuttles feel so smooth they feel like plastic. The points are nice and tight which the shuttles I got from Peter before were not I have to say that Peter stands behind his work. I told him I really can not tat with a shuttle where the points are not together and he sent me replacement shuttles with nice tight ends. I can't wait to see what else he comes up with. Now to go and play some more with the shuttles.....and no I will not be throwing mine against a wall. These shuttles are meant to be used gently and nicely. :)

Hi All!!
First I would like to show you the shuttles that I received from Peter Cua from the Philippines yesterday. These shuttles are just lovely...and they work really well. Peter really improved his shuttles. I know I gave him advice when I got the first shuttles from him...and he has followed through to make them perfect now. At the moment you can get a Peter shuttle from
I am trying to get them available here in the USA. I know it would make it easier if people could get their shuttles from here.
Also in the pictures notice the beads in the plastic bags. My husband and myself went to a steam peagent that was just outside Canandaigua, New York a week ago Sunday. They also had a flee market going on at the event. These beads which were sewn on some knitting...probably a sweater were cut off from the rest of the garment. I bought the piece of knitting with these beads attached and removed the beads after I got home. I plan on doing something with you can see in the picture...I have already started to play with the beads and Peter's shuttles that I received in the mail.
The Lord works in mysterious ways. I got these shuttles yesterday...and yesterday was an upsetting day for me. When my husband went for his physical a couple weeks ago...his PSA was up in his blood. The prostate gland makes this ...but when it starts to move up it is hard if it is just the prostate making this or if it is prostate cancer. So yesterday he went to see an urologist. On the physical exam a hard nodule was palpated...which means it might be cancer. He has to go for a needle biopsy on take a look at the actual cells to see if they are cancer cells. Since he came home and told me and I read the brochure he was given...I have been upset. I am scared and I am also at the same time trying to stay optomistic...but it is hard. My husband is 57 years old. Anyhow....please keep us in your prayers if you have read this. Like I said...I am trying to stay optomistic...but if he has to have surgery...that will mean time off from work...which means money problems again. I am just hoping it isn't cancer...and if it is early where it can be gotten rid of before it is too late. Sept. 22nd is for me along ways away to find out for sure what is going on.
I hope you will enjoy the pictures. Thank you for letting me share with you what is going on in my life. We need your prayers that everything will turn out well.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Here is an amulet bag that I came from my head dreaming of tatting....LOL. I think it is a pretty bag...though the pictures are kinda hiding that fact. But here it is anyways.

Yesterday I found out from the doctors that I am now prediabetic. So I am upset about this fact. I told my husband...and he just blew it off. I have always been afraid that I would end up with this...Diabeties is on both sides of my family.

I look at my husband who can eat and eat and eat ...and doesn't gain any weight. For me it has been a battle all my life. And people who are like my husband...don't get how hard it is to loose weight. And now...I will be battling diabeties the rest of my life. There is no cure for for now...I have to watch everything I eat...keep up the exercising for the rest of my life. So I am upset....and my husband can't figure out why.

I also found out my bone scan was even worse than last year's...but at least my cholesterol is now down. So I guess that is something. My blood pressure has always been low and now it is 110/ it is still low.

So anyhow....for whomever might be reading is some tatting and here is some personal concerns of mine.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

WELL HA!! I tried to upload that picture of my pillow cases twice....and twice the pictures didn't show up...but I didn't want to try to upload it again for the third time ....for geez...who wants to see the same picture three times. So I published the blog...and what do you know...there isn't even on picture of my matching pillow I will try one more time here.....
Okay...I see the picture hopefully everything is now okay with this post.....

First I will show you some pictures to you of my Grandson Peyton Lee...and the steps of developing he has reached. He will be seven months old on August 9th. might imagine that he does keep me busy. I don't have a picture of the crawling here...but I think most of you know...if he can sit...and stand...he must also be crawling and into everything....

I was looking on ebay this evening just for the fun of it and came across a pair of pillow cases. They have a simple tatted edge in pink with for simple embroidered flowers on the cases. This pair of pillow cases are pretty...and at the moment they are going for $46.07 with three days to go.

I have a pair of pillow cases that are also embroidered by me and the tatting going around the edge was also done by me. I did the tatting years ago..(when I thought I was the only tatter in the world..HA!! ). My husband's mother was very sick. She was having mini strokes and could not be left between working full time in the evenings at the hospital...I spent the rest of the time staying with my Mother in Law till we could get her some place where she would be watched and safe...which was an adult home not a nursing home. This went on for about a month.

Anyhow...while I was staying with her I tatted the edging to past the time away. This pair of pillow cases I have to say has only been used twice. Once about four years ago when I had Tatman aka Mark Myers stay with me while he was teaching at Hector, New York. So Mark were the very first lucky one to lay your head on them...but that was because YOU was special...a "TATTER".

The second time those pillow cases were used was when the same above tatter came to stay with me again earlier this year.....BUT.....I had another friend and TATTER staying with me alas....the pillow cases had to be devided between the to Mark (my tatting friend) and the other to Erin Halloway ( another my tatting friend). Now they are packed up again. Doubt they will ever have such Kingly and Queenly Heads laying on them again. LOL!!!

Maybe I should sell them....I could claim that royal heads have rested on them....LOL

But it was sure fun Having Mark and Erin here...a special time for me.

Here is the url for the pillow cases on ebay if you want to take a gander at the pair:

And here is a picture of my tatted edge, embroidered pillow cases that have had royality heads layed on them.....

okay if there is two pictures of my pillow cases when this is published it isn't because I was showing is the Blogging process that has messed up.

Good morning all....who might come across my blog...either by intent or accident.
Been busy and Micheangelique ( my computer) has been naughty and has been playing hide and go seek with me. I have found out recently that my computer has been high jacked by alien beings that caught a ride on the Star Trek Enterprise.....Spock being the pointed ear scientist that he is...found Micheangelique and returned him to me. So now I can post a couple pictures for you...not much do I have to share....but something....
In the first pictures is my daughter's Cuckateal showing off. Her name is Pharaoh, a fitting name for a bird that rules the roost around here. We all actually thought she was a male day we saw eggs in her cage.

In the next picture is an amulet bag. The pattern is from Diana Stevens book with some alterations done to it. This is all the tatting I have done lately. Sad but true......