Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why I am not voting for Mitt Romney and AM voting for President Obama.

There has been alot of talk about the Great Ronald Reagan...well here is what I think of the Great Ronald Reagan who almost destroyed my parents. I am showing you the newspaper article that was printed years ago...where my parents were used as an example to what Reaganomics was doing to innocent people in the Republican's way of cutting government spending. My parents always worked. My mother worked up until the day she got a massive strep infection that ate her heartvalve away. My Dad work every chance he got ...but this also included taking care of my mother. My father went back to work after a heart attack . The last two years of my father's life he suffered from injuries he recieved after having a  motorcyle accident. He was 56 when he died after suffering another heart attack.  My mother never recovered after having her stroke which I feel lead to her death of congested heart failure secondary from her Ball and Cage Heart Valve replacement and the strokes she suffered from her body trying to isolate the valve from the rest of the body by forming clots around it.
  At a time when my parents needed help and were going through a awful time in their life ...this unjust was heaped upon them. All the government cared about was getting my mother off Social Security Disablity.and they didn't care how they did it.
  You can also see the letter my father wrote to the congressman that was in office at the time this happened. YOu can read the letter from Social Security Disablity...notice how cold the letter was.  Also a letter from Ontario County on my mother's condition and also note how the letter never said she got completely better.
   Also the letter my Mother's doctor wrote to Social Security Disablity department.

   This is why....I do not like what the Republicans are doing right now...I am still a registered Republican and as soon as I can change it to either Independant or Demacrate I will . The fool that I was actually actually voted for McCain only because I was a Republican....but I will be voting for Obama this time around. I really do feel he is for us everyday Little Working Middle Class.  We work in my household...we pay taxes and get nothing from the government...but when my husband lost his job under Bush's watch Obama's policys helped us. Yes, he is making less money than he did of his job of 33 years before his company decided to go to a "right to work state"so they can have their temps and not have to pay them any benifits. This is Corp. greed at work. Never mind my husband was there for 33 years. So being my husband does factory work he is making less money than before since he has to start at the bottom of the barrel.He is in his 60s and has worked since he was 16 years old. Definately not lazy or a slacker with his hand out.  So we are not part of the 47% that Mitt Romney was talking about...This is why I feel the way I do about my voting for President Obama and NOT voting for Mittwit Mitt Romney. I actually smiled to myself yesterday when I saw a car in front of me with a Obama Biden sticker on their back window. I need to get my stickers on my that I didn't have to pay a cent to get.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Nina Liben sent to me some tatted medallions she has tatted with beads. I added to her medallions and also added beads and made a purse. This purse is completely lined and has a zipper in it so you don't loose anything. In one picture my daughter Michelle is modeling it for you. There are tons of beads on this purse. I tatted it in size 10 so it will hold up to any punishment that comes its way.I just finished this purse up tonight and I am so glad it is done...and in time. I am donating this purse to help raise money for Palmetto's Tat days schoolarship fund. You may end up owning this purse...Anybody here reading this want it .Tomorrow lucky me will start my vacation ...I will be flying to Tenn. to visit my friend Erin Holloway.We will be bead treasure shopping, tatting, girl talk, eating and just being two sharing friends. It will be nice to see Raymond too. I wonder what funny Utubes he has for me to watch this year in computer land. Anyhow...I am excited...Tomorrow the fun starts.