Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally a new post. ....Say Yeah....where have you been? Actually, I have been right here...just busy watching my Grandchildren and when I am not doing that I have been swimming, stitching, tatting ,lacing, antiqueing and whenever else I manage to sweeze in my busy day.

I will be at Palmetto tatting event. I am leaving here on the 20th to fly to Tenn. and stay with my friend Erin Holloway. I have got butterflies in my stomach right now just thinking about it. I am excited for my vacation to begin and also...keeping my fingers crossed that things will go smoothly while I am away. So look out Erin and Raymond I will be seeing you soon. Let the fun begin...

This past Tuesday, Gary ( my husband ) and I went out antiqueing. We sometimes do this even if we have no money ( money, you ask ...what is that??) And to change the scenery from my TV and Livingroom feast our eyes on things of old. We went looking for some new haunts for us to check out. But guess what?? All three of them were closed. What a diappointment!! So we jumped back into the truck and headed back to Canandaigua...and we decided to go to the usual haunt...the Ontario Antique Mall in Canandaigua. We figured we wouldn't find anything really cool but we did. First of husband has been collecting thistle,paneled, pressed glass. This glass was made a hundred years ago. I actually spotted a salt dish in the thistle glass. It wasn't to long after that Gary said to me...Sher come going a couple rows of showcases he shows me this shuttle. The shuttle was metal and I knew I didn't have one like it. We asked someone to open the case for us and I took out the shuttle and turned it over. And there was a spot to push that pushed out a pointed pic. It had on it Patented Jan 1st 1867 on it. I didn't have any shuttle like this shuttle. I said...I have got to have it. Well we bought it. Probably shouldn't have...but I knew I probably wouldn't see another like it. We left the antique place day wasn't a total loss afterall.

As soon as I got home I took out my American Shuttle book and looked up the shuttle,page 43 &44. The shuttle maker is Greenwalt. Now, here is the exciting part...and I really loved said it was the First "AMERICAN" metal made shuttle produced. When I saw that I was really super happy with the shuttle. I cleaned the shuttle up for it was tarnished alot and needed tender loving care. It is a beautiful shuttle now. We paid $42.50 for the shuttle which I think was a steal. What do all of you think out there in Tattingland? Does anybody have a shuttle like this one out there in Tattingland? I would really love to hear what you think. Was it a steal or not? Personally I don't think the person knew what they had.

In the Tatting Shuttle book though it said the shuttle was made out of brass. The post and the sleeve for the needle pic was brass, but I don't think the blades are brass. My husband thought maybe they were steel but a magnet doesn't stick to it...I am wondering if it is silver though I do not see any markings for silver. I don't see the maker marking either...not to say if this shuttle was suppose to be marked or not. This shuttle is almost 150 years old according to the book. I am really excited.

Here are some pictures to show the shuttle to you.

"Finding MADE IN USA " is like looking for the "Golden Ticket" in Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory. Lets have "MADE IN USA " again and make our country strong again.