Friday, December 28, 2007

Now to show you what else I got in exchanges. From Carol Amich you can see in the picture that she got me a really cool Scooby Hard Plastic Lunch pail minus the thermos. This is so very cool!! I love it and it already is on my table with my lamp next to my Grandmother's orange rocking chair with tatting stuff in it.

In the next picture you can see what else Carol sent to me. A pair of neato Chocolate themed Dish towels. These I think are too good for drying dishes besides that...I put my dishes in a strainer and let the air dry them natuarally. Also in the picture is a pair of Scooby stick ups. I haven't decided where I will put these yet.
Also there was a Burger King Scooby Toy still in the pastic bag and then if you look in next picture you will see my Hershey Kiss Candle and Godiva Biscotti Dip in Chocolate and have to have a Pirate of the Carribean Pad if you are a true fan of the three movies....and also a pair of Christmas socks that went directly on my feet. And lastly but so very cool in the next picture is one of Carol's really creative Whitman Candy Box filled with tatted chocolates that will never go stale. What a great idea she came up with to make this. It is on my tree right now.

I also got a neat Christmas package from my friend Mark Myers. More so Kool things ...I am so lucky this year.

This is what I received from Mark....a really cool tatted ornament or a really Kool sample of his half rings tatting that he loves to do in his quest to mimic Bobbinlace into tatting. Take a look at the outside of the you see the interweaved lengths of tatting so very "CELTIC" huh?? He also sent to me a ball of one of my favorite types of thread to tat with and that is Pearl size 12 Valdani thread in blue, white and pink. The thread is not in the picture. I forgot to pick it up from the table when I was taking pictures.

In the package was also this cute tiny metal clasped vinal purse. A minature purse. Inside of the purse was a tatting shuttle that was made by a local man in Mark's area. His name is Andy Anderson. The wood of this shuttle is so light it reminds me of balsmic wood. It has a very pretty grain to it. I love turning the shuttle this way and then that way. In the purse was also some pieces of hard candy in different coffee caffe flavors. I wonder where he finds this candy?

And the last thing in the picture is the beautiful handmade card. Since Mark and I have been exchanging for some years now...I am starting to get a nice collections of the handmade Christmas cards. They make them every year...and Mark if you are reading this....I have everyone of them still since they are truly a work of art.

For today....I am still working on making a Christmas ornament for my daughter Michelle. I think I will get a head start for next year's Christmas exchanges for I already have an idea brewing in my head. I will be going out to the store later on today to see if I can find the supplies that I will need for this idea.

Enjoy all the pictures
And Tat and tat with a smile on your face...I had a continous Happy Face while I was opening all my exchanges. The exchanges I got are so very,very,very, very, very, muchly WONDERFUL and SPECIAL to me and I THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for making me so very,very, very, very, happy.


Toptattyhead said...

Oh Sherry! You are indeed blessed with all the lovely gifts you received!

Anonymous said...

They are wonderful gifts - you are very very lucky indeed! But WHO was your Advent SS? - you must find out, I can't stand not knowing for another day!