Monday, December 23, 2013

Here is my Carrickmacross Lace Christmas Card that I designed and just finished making wishing you all a Happy Christmas Celebration and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas is coming pretty fast here. I thought I would share a picture of the lastest bobbin I painted and is on ebay right now. It will be up tomorrow Dec.19th. I also plan on painting a Santa one too...I am going to call that one "Santa Is Coming To Town" . There will be a parade of Santas on the bobbin. Not sure when I am going to paint that one.
   So here is the picture of the bobbin that is on ebay right now.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hello all. Last evening I finished painting my Christmas Tree Bobbins. Today I will start to put their sealing coats on.
   We will start with the head of the bobbin. On here I painted a big Tree Top Star ( you know the ones what blink in colors). Then we moved down to the top portion of the body. Here I have ornaments painted in Joy, Love, Happiness and Peace ( which I painted the Peace Sign on this ornament).  Then there is two bands of silver and gold with the words Merry Christmas. Now you move to the main body of the bobbin. Here you will see a ornament that says Silent Night ( I have an old ornament  like this) and many other ornaments. I have also added beaded gold garland, silver tinsel. All of the bobbins have the same ornaments and are pretty much the same ( as close as they can be when painted by hand that is).  On the tail of the bobbin is a snowman on one side and a snowflake on the other side. It took me forever to paint these hours and hours in the chair at the table...but now they are done.
   I also found out from Stitcher's Village ( a site for those that stitch) I won the "RedBook of Sampler of Stitches" So I am excited about that. is the picture of my bobbins for you to look at. By the way...I am not done painting but I am thinking of taking the day off and work on something else that I have started.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello all. I have been painting more bobbins. This time they were for our Thanksgiving holiday here in the states. On the square one you see a painted turkey and above it says...Gobble, Gobble Me Up. Next to the turkey it says...Got Turkey?  Just a bit of humor...these bobbins I believe are spoken for but if you want one you can write to me and I can paint you one too. I am going to be starting painting Christmas /or Wintery bobbins soon. First I am going to get my lace done that I am sending to someone in a Christmas Lace Card exchange. So what do you think of  my Gobble, Gobble Me Up bobbins.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am now on a roll here. This is now the second piece of Carrickmacross I have made. Actually I started this piece during the first Carrickmacross Class I took with Mary Shields. It was also the second project I started in that classs. I have finally finished it. So now...I am working on my Carrickmacross Lace Fan that I will mount into a tiny fan sticks that Mary gave to me along with the pattern. When that is done it will be converted into a pin. So here is the second or maybe actually the third piece of Carrickmacross Lace I have done since I also did finished the first piece when I took the class before in 2001. Happy Lacing all in Lacingland. :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

On Columbus weekend last week I went to Ithaca,New York to take a class in Carrickmacross Lace. My teacher was Mary Shields and she is from Ireland and a great teacher. I was so thrilled that I was able to get into her class. This was my second time I was in Mary's class. The last time was in the year of 2001. I was a very sick lacer who came down with a nasty, dreadful head cold right after  I got to my room after attending the banquet. This year I had the nasty, dreadful cold about a week before Columbus weekend. So I was healthy and enjoyed my class more. Here are a few pictures I took and another one of my finished project that I finished this afternoon. what do I do llaaaaa....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hiya everybody. I have been painting like a "Mad Lacer" for the past couple of weeks. I have painted all of the bobbins in these pictures. That is alot of tedious painting. I am hoping to raise some money to help out my family expenses. All of the witches with Whiskers are sold except for the two midlands. I still have a couple up on ebay but they should be ending soon. I am taking all of these bobbins with me when I go to Ithaca Lace weekend. I am taking Carrickmacross Lace with Mary Shields. I am excited. I will get to Ithaca very early Sat  Oct.12th and going home on Oct. 14th. Last time I took Mary's class I was sicker than a dog with a real nasty cold that I came down with right after I got to my after the banquet. Since I just got over a cold hopefully that won't happen again. Here are the pictures of the bobbins.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Hiya everybody in Lacingland. I thought I would update you all...I do have a few bobbins on ebay right now. I have my Halloween Witch design left in Midland. My square witches have been sold. If anybody is interested in one please let me know. After I come back from Ithaca, NY Lace Weekend next weekend...Iwill have more bobbins to paint. There is only little bit more than three days left for the witchy one with Whiskers too. Take a look at the witches shoes also. Here is a picture of her
I also have another square one that I just listed on ebay this evening. It has a purple background with flowers on it... it is prettier I think than the picture is really showing. The weather was a bit dreary today and I couldn't get a better picture of the bobbin. But the colors are brighter than in the picture.

I also painted this bobbin today. It has a hot pink background with orange and red. I know you might not think they colors go well together but this bobbin colors really grab you. There is also some copper metallic. It really is a pretty bobbin and it says "I" MAKE ALOT OF LACE'. I think it is a pretty one. I listed these two the purple one and the hot pink ones on ebay today. This bobbin is also brighter than this picture actually shows. I am painting a few of these to give to friends when I go to Ithaca next weekend. I also have a couple spares that I will be selling of this one and the purple one.
   So take a look on will find my bobbins if you are interested in purchasing them.:)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I have been painting Witchy bobbins that I will be selling. I have one now listed on ebay. The design goes all the way around the bobbin. It is a witch flying on her broom with her kitty cat Whiskers. Above is a happy moon with Batty Bats flying around. Since they are all painted by hand each one has their very own personality sorta speak. I am painting them in Squares and Midlands. I might also take some of these Witchys with me when I go to Ithaca in a couple weeks. is a picture of the painted bobbins in progress...tedious to paint to be sure...but kinda fun too...keeps me out of trouble too.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

On my website on my home page there is  Bookmark A and Bookmark B. Today I got a request from Riet about the missing pictures for those two bookmarks patterns. First of all..I do not maintain my website. My sister-inlaw use to but she now lives in Florida  with I have not seen in a three years now nor my brother.  So anyhow I use to update my website with her help.  I do not know how.  So what I have done is spent alot of time going through my old CDs for the pictures and the info. I am putting the pictures here since I know how to blog. I would  also put the microsoft document I did back when...but the blog  won't let me. So you could email me for it if you want to. Anyhow, this way when someone asks me again about the missing pictures ( others have in the past) I will direct them to my blog. 
   In the meanwhile I will talk to my sister -inlaw and see if she is willing to fix the problem on my website. I know my website is stale...I have loads of stuff I could upload to it...sometime down the road I will when I can get with my sister-inlaw and if she has the time. So here are the pictures that go with the patterns on my website for Bookmark A and Bookmark B. I hope this helps. :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

IT IS OFFICIAL....I got second place for my Bedfordshire Lace Bookmark I made that was designed by Jean Leader of the UK. I haven't see it myself at the event. Not sure if I can get to the fair or not. I haven't been to the fair in over 35 years. My husband has no interest in going but I would like to go this year to see my bookmark and the ribbon. I think it is cool that people that I don't even know will be seeing my bookmark.  I would also like to see what else other people have entered in the competition with. Well...have to wait and see if I can go.
   Here is a picture of my bookmark with the ribbon. It was the New York State Fair.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

 I was going to paint bobbins today but I decided to instead work on my Bedfordshire edging. This is an edging I started working on years ago...I have been trying to work on things to get them finished instead of starting a bunch of new things. The other reason for working on this edging today is as you might be able to see I am working on the corner. For me that takes more concentration and since the Chicklets are not here is a good day for that. The corner is the last corner for his edging...then it is homeward stretch to connect up to the begining. I have to do I think 20 approx. repeats of the scallop edge...This is now going to be sewed onto something..what?? I haven't got that far. I have been thinking about maybe doing some more edging for sleeve edges...but I don't know yet...still thinking. that is where and what I am doing today...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My husband and I have had some discussions about maybe trying to turn bobbins and who knows maybe sell them. My husband when he was working in a factory before he retired made me some alumium bobbins that were very nicely turned on a lathe where he worked. The Alumium was scrap metal and he had permission to do this... but he does know his way around using a lathe. So who knows right now. 
  Since my husband is 64 he is too young still to benefit from having medical insurance  so we are paying for our own insurance which is alot of money. I don't believe in having my hand out concept. We fend for ourselves. We are also on a very limited income and now that is fixed. My husband has worked since he was 16 in a factory doing factory work on hard concrete floors for all of those years until now. He didn't work at a cushiony desk job using his mind but instead it was very physical labor. His body is worn out...he felt he could work no longer I have been racking my head with other things we could do to increase our income a bit. Right now it is so tight you could n't slide a piece of paper through the money we do have.
  Tomorrow I am going to start painting bobbins again and sell them through ebay.  I have never been a blond person so I know I won't be making millions...but if I could add a few bucks here and there it will help some.As it is...he might be retired but we have no money by the time we pay our bills  (including a mortage we still owe for another 4 or 5 years yet), for anything.  Anyhow...we shall see...we shall see.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I came across this pair of bobbins on the internet and am wondering if anyone knows who the maker of these bobbins are. I don't know why but I love the London Eye bobbins. Can anyone give me a clue. Here is a picture of the bobbins.Thanks for you help in advance.
 Also the Bedfordshire bookmark I made  I am entering in the State Fair. I have never done that before. I have entered in the county fair but not the state. So this should be interesting.
   I have been working and working on the old bedfordshire edging that I started years ago. YOu can see a picture of that on my website. here... It is on the very bottom of the bobbinlace page on the right hand corner. I was originally going to put the edging on that piece of material you see in the picture but I have since scrapped that idea. I am not going to make a top and put that edging on the top around a square neckline instead.  I have three of the corner done...I have to do about 5 more repeats of the scallops and then go down one more side.  Putting this edge on a piece of material to put out only druing Holiday times seems kinda stupid to me know...I don't know what the hockey sticks I was thinking back then. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I know it has been awhile since I have posted to this blog...been busy ...I just finished making the Thistle Bookmark designed by Jean Leader of the UK. As you can see...I did it in black with some metallic threads also thrown in for good measure. This bookmark was definately a learning experience for me and I did make some mistakes...but hey...itsn't making mistakes part of life lessons so you can learn by them and then move on... I used Tanne size 30 and a thin factory black/gold thread for the inner lace along Gutermann  heavier silk thread for the gimp around flower heads and Tanne size 30 with Goldrush for the outside framing. In the one picture here you can see the finished bookmark before I took all the pins out of it. This picture was taken last night. The two piles of bobbins you see are 66 pairs....that is how many I personally used by having to take them in and out of the Bedfordshire Style piece of lace. The picture where the bookmark looks like it is in front of the blinds I took so you could kinda see the metallic threads that I used throughout the  design. I am thinking of doing maybe the Shamrock or the Rose one that is also in the same booklet...I haven't decided it I want to do it in white...or try to play with color ( which I know would be hard doing Bedfordshire Lace ) or if I want to do it in the same black with the metallic threads....decisions...decisions let me know what you think of my can respond here or on Arachne List since I will be sharing my finished piece with them also... I am hoping to see some feedback good or bad..

Friday, February 01, 2013

I have been wanting to make this sweater for along time. Bought half of the yarn about 5 years ago. I bought more last year…and I have enough of all the colors to start this sweater which I have done. I can’t wait to see it finished and to smile with accomplishment of getting it done. I have other Alice Starmore sweaters I have done over the many years like when her books were still available to buy from my local knitting store. I also want to make “Rheingold” someday but I don’t have the money to buy a kit from Vitual Yarns. I so wish they would be willing to sell their patterns separately but I do understand that it is about selling the yarn which is where the real money is. Some day….