Monday, November 23, 2015

This is the last day that Feargal came to visit Celtic's Elf Fergus'Og. We had lots of fun before we were carefully packed in my box suitcase and mailed to Jane Eborall's house to have even more fun. I know that Feargal, Miss Scarlett and the wee one will have fun with Jane. Jane is always the bubbly fun sort full of humor. I can just imagine the fun you will have.
  Here is some pictures of Celtic, Fergus 'Og with Feargal, Scarlett and the wee one. First she let us play in some of her shuttle collection. Usually Celtic has them sitting pretty in her corner curio or in the glass case shadow box...but for today she got them out for us. OOoooo such treasures she has.
    We all sat and look at some of Celtic's tatting treasures that she keeps around her house. These bits of tatting came from her Halloween box. Celtic has lots of tatting and I know every once in awhile she gets her tatting out and gushes over the beautiful things she has. Did you all know that Celtic also has a Scooby Doo fun Tatting notebook that has a zipper so none of the tatting pieces get away. She has pages and pages of tatting. She also has this pretty tin (that she got free with a Celtic design from Palmetto event one year) that she keeps her tatted Jewels in. Celtic does love to wear her tatted jewels.
     Here too is a portrait that Celtic's husband took of us so she can remember us years from now and the fun we all had spending time with her.
     Instead of having a Good Bye cake Celtic made homemade Chocolate chip cookies that we had with tea. After that it was off to the lake right down the hill from Celtic's house. We all sat there and gazed one more time at the beauty before our eyes. One of Celtic's favorite things to do is swimming.
Please enjoy our pictures. Celtic would have put them on Feargal's but Celtic doesn't know how to do that.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fergus Og sitting a  treasure trove ...a plastic container full of winning Tatting covered Christmas ornaments..."what a fun place to be" Fergus said. Just one of the fun moments during Palmetto's Tat Days 2015.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

There was a call out to find Fergal and Miss Scarlett. As you can see Mother Pam that all is well with the little ones. I am posting pictures here on my blog since I can't figure out how to and to the Wee ones own blog. I received Fergal and Miss Scarlett at Palmetto's Day event from Connie Angeline. As you can see today they were being served pizza, cookies, and some yummy cake at Playmobil Restaurant. Fergal also got to see Rochester, New York and soon they all will be seeing beautiful Canandaigua Lake where Fergus Og lives with his Mommy Celtic.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Great Grandma Effie Showing my mother in law tatting

Okay..I have to share this story. Years ago my husband and I flew to Florida to drive back home a car his mother gave us since she had no need for two cars. While we were there she gave me a black shuttle and said it was her mothers. IF Gary's Mom was still alive she would have been 100yeas old on 12/13/20014 which was last month. Her mother died at a young age so her Grandmother raised her. Yesterday, my husband and I were at his cousin's house trying to put names to faces i...n really old family pictures and my husband's cousin says to me here is a picture of Gladys (Gary's Mother) watching her Grandmother (Effie) Tatting. would have thought I stroke GOLD but I "struck" an old picture of ancestral family member watching another family member tatting. How exciting is that?!!!! So in these pictures is the shuttle that I was given, which is the same one in the picture. I scanned the picture so I can share my excitement with you and to have a blow up so I can print out 8" by 10" to put in frame and hang on my wall. Thank you so much Cynthia!!!!!!