Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not too much to right about this evening. I just wanted to show you a couple cross stitches I finished. Both of these designs are designed by Donna from "By the Bay Needlearts" Here blog is here if you want to read more about her and see more of her designs. She just finished up "Old Brick House" it is shown on the top of her blog. Her Blog url is

Both of these design were gifts to me. I love how they both turned out. I did change them a bit. I painted the background on the Halloween one and I did my angel's horn in gold metallic instead of white thread. I also used one strand of white floss and one strand of white DMC metallic together for the snow.
Now I will be making a few Valentine Day Hearts...

Monday, January 18, 2010

I had my husband assist me in taking these picture of the "Beauty In the Eyes of a Tatter" that I did years ago with the Online Tatting Class. This is one of my favorite things I own. It is so special to me for the motifs in the center piece were tattings that people sent to me and I put together creating this centerpiece. There is more about this center piece on my website. Just go there and click on Centerpiece and you can see more pictures of it and how I went about putting it together. Just click on my website in the column on the left here on my blog.
I also designed a Celtic themed fan using the Mignonette Stitch for the ground to hold all my elements together in my design. I designed this fan for a fan competion but alas...the time to enter my fan had expired without me knowing it. But at least I have this fan that I made and designed myself. Including my fan sticks. Now it sits open on top of some dishes in my china cabinet for display and also a place where I can have my fan open.
The discussion for the "Online Tatting Class" hosted by our very own AK Tatter Georgia Seitz and the subject tonight will be the mignonette stitch. Hopefully I will remember to come to class and be with you all tonight. See you there.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long...Long ago there was a much "younger Celtic" who use to watch football with her red haired brother. Back then I didn't even know who he was rooting for..I do now which he has been a Viking fan for many years. If you look in the picture of me and my "Movie Star" Kiara, I think you can tell who my football team is. Kiara and her mommy Ginger came last Saturday so I could see Kiara. What a treat for me! She really makes me smile alot. But in the picture you can see me wearing my team's color and clothing. I have been a Jets fan since Mr. Pantyhose himself use to be the quarterback...Mr. Joe Namath. Anyhow...dressed in my teams attire I was ready for the game that was to be aired Saturday evening. Well...much to my surprise the Jets won their first play off game against Ciccinati...but I don't expect them to beat the Chargers this coming weekend...but you never know ...a flook could happen and they could win. Regardless of my expectation of the game this weekend...I will be watching it and rooting for my team anyways. GGGOOOO JJJEEETTTSSSS!!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

As is a scan of the new varigated colors that Handy Hands

will soon be carring. I love these colors. I got some samples to see what hte colors looked like and plus so I could share the colorways with you all in Tattingland. I did some tatting so you can see how the colorways tat up. What do you think? These are just winging tattings by the way but they would make for some good bookmarks I think and don't take very long to tat either.
Here is a scan of the new solid colors that will be coming out and a couple flakes I made with the already available Lizbeth thread in size 20.

And here is pictures of the front and back of the new Snowflake book. It also have pattern that you can make to cover Christmas bulbs with.