Sunday, December 16, 2007

This is day EIGHTEEN of the SECRET SANTA EDVENT PACKAGE!!!! and look what I got today. This very pretty tree ornament. I love how my Secret Santa used the beads for one side of the rings...and I LOVE the thread she used. It is so Christmasy. I hope when I find out who the Secret Santa is she can tell me what thread she used...or if someone recognizes it they can tell me. But isn't it pretty!!! and look ....she or he drew out more artwork...look at the tree on the envelope flap.

When day 25 gets here I will have to do a whole lot of thanking .....I will have to be creative in the way I do it...this will take some thought.

Now that I have all my exchanges done I am making things for my children...more later on what I am doing for them.


erin said...


I'm falalalalalalallowing along!

Anonymous said...

maybe it's you, Erin - maybe YOU are Sherry's Secret Santa?