Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here it is day THIRTEEN already in the Secret Santa Advent Exchange. Today I got stuff to pamper my poor feet with. Bath salts for soaking the feet and some lotion to keep them soft. I have to tell you that here in New York it gets very cold and snowy..which right now we are in the mist of another SNOW STORM...the SECOND one for this year already and it is not even Christmas yet. The college classes are cancelled for this afternoon, am I am looking for Timmy Guy's school bus in case he comes home early...and my husband called from work and he may be traveling home early too. But....with the cold comes the dry heat and my skin does not like it one bit. My nails by here and ping there goes my nails...and my skin cracks and cracks to open bleeding sores like open paper cuts that burn. So My feet is going to love the babying...maybe after the kids go home tonight. Ahhh, it will be so very nice. And oh look there is a sneak preview of tomorrow's package which says right on the package..."Party Girl". I wonder if it is a pair of Barbie or Bratz earrings....Bling...Bling...LOL
Here is a picture of my goodies for today...maybe I will share a picture of New York Wonderland with you all later on today.

I thought I would also share with you a picture of my old Santa Claus that I have. He is very old and belonged to my Grandmother. I have looked on ebay and haven't as yet found one exactly like mine..but close which dates him to me 1930s sometime...and I bet my mother remembered seeing him around when she was a little girl. When my mother gave the Santa Claus to me she told me to take good care of him. The closest I have seen on ebay was selling for $160.00 some dollars. I think he was made in Germany and he is a gnome looking Santa...His outfit is made with felt material. His face is corrugated ( Not sure if I spelled that word right or not)

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