Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let me ask you all a question. IS THERE A TATTER WHO IS NOT LIKE ME WITH ONLY FINISHED TATTING IN THEIR TATTING BAGS? If there is a tatter who is not like me with NO unfinished tattings in their tatting bags....well...all I can say is you are a marvel, truly.

Here is a picture of an unfinished tatting that has been in my tatting bag since the Palmetto Tatting Event in the year of 2005. I finally finished it. This was a piece of tatting that Mark Myers , Tatman was playing around with. I took some pictures with my digital camera and I believe I might have started it even before I left South Carolina...This piece is made with tatting size thread so this doily is delicate and small...measuring about 6 inches in diameter. I have encouraged Mr. Tatman to come up with more brain storming to continue on with this doily which I called myself, Palmetto Doily2005. The main techniques in this design are daisy picot technique, and some spiral tatting. Anyhow....I think it is pretty ...Celtic is hoping Mr. Tatman can come up with more ways to add onto this doily....she has more of the thread left over.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


No, I did not flip my bobbinlace pillow off my is a work in progress...and I think it is going to take me a huge long time to finish it. Some of you may not know this...(well, maybe most of you don't) but about 8 or 9 years ago I went overseas for about a month. I visited the UK and Ireland. I loved it so much I was a changed woman when I came back from there searching high and low for Celtic Music and books on Celtic Artwork. I know have quite a bit of both. Anyhow, the first time I went to Ithaca, New York for the public lace display was just about right after I came back home from overseas. I saw this one bookmark on display done in white. I loved the bookmark...and said to myself....self...I want to make this bookmark...again self said...I got to learn how to make this kind of lace. So ...I was introduced to the tryout bobbinlace pillow...and from there I have been making bobbinlace since. I joined the Fingerlakes Guild and was attending their meetings regularily. I was also the guild president for a couple of years. I have painted bobbins twice for the commemorative Lace Guild bobbin for out big event that happens in Ithaca every October. I was honored that I was asked. ....anyhow....I managed to get the collection of Jean Leader's flower bookmark designs...I have had it for years now....and I could hear myself saying....Sher....when are you finally going to start and make that bookmark. Well, I finally started making it a few months ago...just barely got the bobbins on the pillow but earlier this past week I had the day off from babysitting and got my pillow out and worked on that bookmark all day...this is as far as I got with it. I have found that this is a difficult pattern for me to make. It is what is called Bedfordshire style of lace. It takes alot of bobbins and they are constantly coming and going in and out of the lace. I really have to have my thinking cap on when working on this piece of lace...and when I baby sit....I don't have a thinking cap on. Next weekend I will drag my pillow out again and see how far I can get with the lace. I would like to get some of the leaves done in the time of working on the lace.

Note my cover cloth on my pillow....its Scooby Doo...where are you...?? I love Scooby Doo....he is my hero....LOL

Erin this picture of my knitting is for you....I really love the color this time...and it is working out pretty good. The yarn in this picture looks pretty gray...but there is some vibrate blues also in this yarn. I now have five pattern many do you have now?? My goal is to have at least the back finished before I come down to your neck of the woods so you can see my knitting. Maybe we can find some time to knit are a couple closer pictures of my sweater back to "Beadwork" a pattern designed by Jade Starmore.

Which leads me to the next topic to my blog entry...I will be going to Palmentos in South Carolina in September after all. But...I am taking a detour first. I will actually be flying out of New York and will land in Knoxville, Tenn. on Tuesday early afternoon and will be spending some time with my friend Erin Halloway. I am really excited...then...Erin, Raymond and I will be making the trip together to Columbia, South Carolina. I am so excited about this trip. Erin has been wanting me to come down...and I dropped the idea right into her lap...and she took it hook line and sinker....So that is my news for now... not sure when I will be writing again....

Until the next time I blog...stop and smell the flowers that I am sure are blooming here and there...somewhere near you.