Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hi everybody...did you all get your exchanges done and in the mail? Whew...
I thought I would share with you a bit of what is going on with me lately. I have had alot of computer problems since just before Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes I don't have any router is now not working for my son's laptop and I have been on the phone with Tech Support more than I care to. I am depressed and tired of playing with my computer. I told my husband know....I didn't always have a computer and I guess I could learn to do without it. Right now I just want to throw Micheangelique right out the door. Now not only do we get to play...will Sherry have the internet today or not...but now it is running slow. I have checked things unchecked things I was told to do by tech support so much, that I feel Micheangelique is on the decline. Not too sure if I would be missed or not anyways.
I have been worried about my husband. I sure do hate this waiting and not knowing what the future is going to be for us. I am trying to be optimystic..but it is so hard.
I think I am feeling depressed again. Things are out of my control...and the roller coaster ride is not fun.
Maybe after Christmas I will have some pictures to share.

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midgeling said...

I know how that goes. Hang in there. I will be sending positive thoughts your way.