Friday, December 15, 2006

Here is my 3D Christmas tree that I made after being in the online class this past week. It was fun to do but I can see another way in making it. Sometime I will make another one...but the tree looks pretty on my tree. I did it in white so it would stand out better from the rest of the green and red colors that you see so much of on a tree. I also did my own thing as far as the top of this tree goes. Peeking behind the ornament you can see part of one of my Hershey Ornaments that I Have been collecting for over 20 years now. My tree is covered with them...maybe I will get a picture of that tree which is one of two trees I put up this year. The other tree is the everything but the kitchen sink tree and the other one is my "Hershey Tree". The Hershey tree actually has purple garland on it...someone gave my daughter Chrystal the garland and last weekend when I was helping her with her tree...she threw the garland at me...and said...I think you should have this garland.
As for my Christmas tree angel Angelique that is shown on my website
She isn't on either one of the trees...she is too big so she remains where she has been, on one of my blue mirrored end tables.
Now I am off to do more tatting....or lacing...or something....

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tatnlace said...

Beautiful tree!