Monday, August 28, 2006

It is now six o'clock in the morning and here I am up and awake looking for something to do. I have actually been up since five this morning. My husband went in to work early for overtime. So he was already out the door before five. I don't know why... but when he is gone I sense it in my sleep or something and then I am awake. I toss and turn...and can't get back to sleep. This morning I had awful heartburn for some reason too....and finally gave up and got out of the bed.
What can you do when it is still dark out...and everybody else is still sleeping...??
I turned the computer on...but already I don't want to sit in front of it any longer really...Yesterday my daughter was on the computer all day and most of the evening reading fan fiction. I just don't know how she can sit in front of the computer for hours reading. I get bored easily and just can't sit in front of the computer that long.
I have already read my email...not too much exciting going on there. I have read about the 25 motif challenge...but don't feel I can come up with that many I am not taking part in that.
I mentioned about my husband having to have a prostate biopsy done. I thought it was scheduled for Sept.22nd and I are they waiting so long before doing that...but I have found out I was wrong about the date...he is having it done on Sept 5th. But even so....I still hate waiting even that long to find out anything deffinate. I am so worried.
We were planning on going away at the end of Sept...but now our plans are on hold until we find out something for sure.
In my previous post I showed you Peter's shuttles...which right now I don't have...they got onto an airplane to points far from me. I also showed you the beads I bought at a flee market. I have made a necklace so far out of the is not a Nina Libin masterpiece...but it looks like a necklace. I still have more of the beads and I am going to make a bracelet and earrings I think to match...wondering how far the beads will stretch....When I get the bracelet and earrings tatted up I will post a picture of the set...until then....may you all find happiness.

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Doin Stuff said...

My husband went through that also. It is easier when it is us getting the works and not husband and children. You sure do some beautiful work.
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