Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hi everybody,
This year I think the Christmas Spirit is going to snuffed right out of this house.
This morning my husband had to go and see his urologist. The news wasn't good. My husband had blood work done last week for this appointment to see what his PSA was doing. It has really jumped up. This is a cancer maker in men...mainly checking for prostatic cancer. He had this checked also earlier this year. It was up then and he had to have a biopsy done. The biopsy didn't show any cancer cells...but we were told just because they didn't get any didn't mean it wasn't there. He also has a hardened area on his prostate. This was a huge scare then.
Since his numbers jumped up so much he now has to go to Strong in Rochester, NY which is the big hospital around here. They are going to have to do another more thorough biopsy on the protate. He was told they have better equipment than down here in the Canandaigua Hospital. So...now I am really worried. He has to have this done around Christmas time. I feel Christmas is just going to be horrible for this is all we will have on our minds...the worry about what will be down the road for us.
I think I need a flew of tatted angels to watch over our house this year. I am so upset by all of this. I hate the not knowing.

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