Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sorry I have been really bad with posting here...been busy and I just kept putting the posting off. Anyhow.... At the end of September I went up to Lake George, New York. Lake George is in the Adirondack region on the eastern side of the state. It takes my husband about 5 or 6 hours to get there. This was a planned vacation for in Warrensburg is just north of Lake George and they always have the whole town Garage Sale...so you walk...and you walk and you walk until you just about drop. Here is a picture of the bandstand in the middle of the town. If you look really closely to the right of the blue car you will see a man with a black sweat shirt on and a tan colored cap. That is my husband.

In the next picture....you can see the bustle of people that were going up and down Main Street, Warrensburg.

I also got to get together with some of my Tatting Friends while I was in Lake George except I think we actually went to Saratoga, New York and I am not sure but maybe West Glen, NY. I was picked up by my friend Kathy Berndt. Kathy and I use to work together here in Canandaigua which is where I live. Kathy use to live in Victor, New York. Anyhow....we went down to Saratoga and I met up with some other tatting friends at a BEAD SHOP!!!!

I walked in that door and thought I was in BEAD HEAVEN. There is no bead store around where I live....so for me ...this was a real exciting to be in a bead store for the first time. I bet my mouth dropped to the floor looking at all those beads...and then trying to decide which ones to buy was hard. There were sooooo many. But I did buy some. And it was so much fun!!!

Here is some pictures of the Bead Store.

Here is a picture of some of my tatting friends. From left to right we have Doris, Joanne, Ginny and Kathy. See the beads on the wall behind us?

Also during the weekend we got together at a coffee shop. I had coffee that night that was to die for since I am a coffee drinker and I hadn't had a decent cup in a couple of days....but there was also a ton of sweets....but I didn't get any...to busy chit chatting and showing tatting off...and seeing tatting done by others and just having a great ole time....

For instance....take a gander at Doris's Hat. Isn't that wild...and pretty. So here is a picture of hat without Doris gracing it...and a picture of Doris wearing her hat. She was a really fun lady!!

Here we are sitting around posing for the picture and having a good time. You can see I stole Doris's hat.

On Sunday that weekend it was raining kitty cats and doggie dogs....so my husband and I did not venture out to do anymore garage saleing so ....Kathy came and got me from my motel room and we went to Joanne's house and tatted there. I got to meet Joanne's sweet kids that were full of energy. I to got to meet Kathy's pooches too...

I want to thank the girls for so much fun. Also Holly, can you send me an email with everybody's email address that you see in the picture to my email address ...Joanne has it.

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And I thought I was bad. Those are wonderful photographs! Wish I was there! Wish I had those beads, too!