Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First I will show you some pictures to you of my Grandson Peyton Lee...and the steps of developing he has reached. He will be seven months old on August 9th. Anyhow...you might imagine that he does keep me busy. I don't have a picture of the crawling here...but I think most of you know...if he can sit...and stand...he must also be crawling and into everything....

I was looking on ebay this evening just for the fun of it and came across a pair of pillow cases. They have a simple tatted edge in pink with for simple embroidered flowers on the cases. This pair of pillow cases are pretty...and at the moment they are going for $46.07 with three days to go.

I have a pair of pillow cases that are also embroidered by me and the tatting going around the edge was also done by me. I did the tatting years ago..(when I thought I was the only tatter in the world..HA!! ). My husband's mother was very sick. She was having mini strokes and could not be left also...so between working full time in the evenings at the hospital...I spent the rest of the time staying with my Mother in Law till we could get her some place where she would be watched and safe...which was an adult home not a nursing home. This went on for about a month.

Anyhow...while I was staying with her I tatted the edging to past the time away. This pair of pillow cases I have to say has only been used twice. Once about four years ago when I had Tatman aka Mark Myers stay with me while he was teaching at Hector, New York. So Mark ...you were the very first lucky one to lay your head on them...but that was because YOU was special...a "TATTER".

The second time those pillow cases were used was when the same above tatter came to stay with me again earlier this year.....BUT.....I had another friend and TATTER staying with me also....so alas....the pillow cases had to be devided between the two...one to Mark (my tatting friend) and the other to Erin Halloway ( another my tatting friend). Now they are packed up again. Doubt they will ever have such Kingly and Queenly Heads laying on them again. LOL!!!

Maybe I should sell them....I could claim that royal heads have rested on them....LOL

But it was sure fun Having Mark and Erin here...a special time for me.

Here is the url for the pillow cases on ebay if you want to take a gander at the pair:


And here is a picture of my tatted edge, embroidered pillow cases that have had royality heads layed on them.....

okay if there is two pictures of my pillow cases when this is published it isn't because I was showing off.....LOL...it is the Blogging process that has messed up.

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