Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hi All!!
First I would like to show you the shuttles that I received from Peter Cua from the Philippines yesterday. These shuttles are just lovely...and they work really well. Peter really improved his shuttles. I know I gave him advice when I got the first shuttles from him...and he has followed through to make them perfect now. At the moment you can get a Peter shuttle from
I am trying to get them available here in the USA. I know it would make it easier if people could get their shuttles from here.
Also in the pictures notice the beads in the plastic bags. My husband and myself went to a steam peagent that was just outside Canandaigua, New York a week ago Sunday. They also had a flee market going on at the event. These beads which were sewn on some knitting...probably a sweater were cut off from the rest of the garment. I bought the piece of knitting with these beads attached and removed the beads after I got home. I plan on doing something with you can see in the picture...I have already started to play with the beads and Peter's shuttles that I received in the mail.
The Lord works in mysterious ways. I got these shuttles yesterday...and yesterday was an upsetting day for me. When my husband went for his physical a couple weeks ago...his PSA was up in his blood. The prostate gland makes this ...but when it starts to move up it is hard if it is just the prostate making this or if it is prostate cancer. So yesterday he went to see an urologist. On the physical exam a hard nodule was palpated...which means it might be cancer. He has to go for a needle biopsy on take a look at the actual cells to see if they are cancer cells. Since he came home and told me and I read the brochure he was given...I have been upset. I am scared and I am also at the same time trying to stay optomistic...but it is hard. My husband is 57 years old. Anyhow....please keep us in your prayers if you have read this. Like I said...I am trying to stay optomistic...but if he has to have surgery...that will mean time off from work...which means money problems again. I am just hoping it isn't cancer...and if it is early where it can be gotten rid of before it is too late. Sept. 22nd is for me along ways away to find out for sure what is going on.
I hope you will enjoy the pictures. Thank you for letting me share with you what is going on in my life. We need your prayers that everything will turn out well.

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