Friday, December 29, 2006

I hope everybody had a nice Christmas!!
I have been sick the past couple of days and am finally feeling today I did some piddly things to get my home in some kind of my kitchen table which I couldn't even see...but since I got sick...I had no energy to do anything. So I finally put some things away...took some pictures to share here on my blog...and to update my blog.
I know I have asked for prayers for my husband....who did have his test done on the Dec. 27th. We got a phone call yesterday and were told that they didn't find any cancer. This was good news even though they said everything pointed in that direction so now they are putting him on some antibiotics to see if this doesn't help. There is still the spot...and his PSA is still up...but now they are thinking it is a nasty infection that is causing all of they are now going in that direction. Anyhow.....there were many sighs of relief here. Thank you for your prayers, sincerely.
Now for some pictures....and fun things to write about....

First of all I thought I would show a picture that I took on Christmas Day of my children and my two grandchildren. I took about 6 pictures of this pose...for the kids have a tendency to goof around...and I wanted one good picture. This one isn't too bad...My kids sure do hate when I start trying to get pictures of them as a group...but it is rare that my kids are in one place at the same I have to take advantage of the moment...

Now I will show you a couple things that I made for Christmas exchanges.

First is an amulet bag that I made or the "Tattinggoddess Christmas Exchange" Here is a link to Gina's Blog.

I used Valdani Quilting Thread to make this bag with tiny istsy bitsy beads. Jill my SS partner had stated she liked green and purple so I made this bag keeping that in mind. It took me quite awhile to make the bag for since I babysit Monday-Friday I don't have a whole lot of tatting time anymore. I also painted the shuttle that you see in the pictures. You can see the front and back side of the shuttle as well as the bag in the pictures.

In this picture I will show you what I received from my Tattinggoddess Christmas Exchange from Bette Carson of Indiana.

Okay for some reason my pictures are not showing up now when I up load I will start a new right back with you all.....LOL ...gotta love technolgy....

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