Friday, August 18, 2006

Here is an amulet bag that I came from my head dreaming of tatting....LOL. I think it is a pretty bag...though the pictures are kinda hiding that fact. But here it is anyways.

Yesterday I found out from the doctors that I am now prediabetic. So I am upset about this fact. I told my husband...and he just blew it off. I have always been afraid that I would end up with this...Diabeties is on both sides of my family.

I look at my husband who can eat and eat and eat ...and doesn't gain any weight. For me it has been a battle all my life. And people who are like my husband...don't get how hard it is to loose weight. And now...I will be battling diabeties the rest of my life. There is no cure for for now...I have to watch everything I eat...keep up the exercising for the rest of my life. So I am upset....and my husband can't figure out why.

I also found out my bone scan was even worse than last year's...but at least my cholesterol is now down. So I guess that is something. My blood pressure has always been low and now it is 110/ it is still low.

So anyhow....for whomever might be reading is some tatting and here is some personal concerns of mine.


erin said...

Oh, no! Sherry! Say it ain't so!

The tatting is beautiful. If I were there I'd give you a big hug. :-(


Tanya said...

Hi Sherry,
I am sorry to hear about your new dx. It must be very upsetting. I hope that you can ward off the diabetes with eating right and exercise.
Your tatting is beautiful..I second that Erin!! I love the purple..I wonder why???

You take care and have a good day tatting, if you go to Karey's house!

Gina said...

Love that bag and wish I could see it closer!

About diabetes - fear is your bigger enemy. Just beause it's in your family history doesn't mean you have to suffer from it. I know...easy for me to say...

Tattycat said...

Hi, Sherry. I'm sorry about the prediabetes, but it doesn't have to be, like Gina said. You can fight it if you are strong. Both of my parents, two of my grandparents and one of my aunts were all diabetics. So far, I'm spared. Hang in there.

Your tatting is breathtaking! I really must learn the beading thing! And, those shuttles. Please tell me where I can find them.


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