Friday, December 29, 2006 to continue with my posting here....
Here is what I received from Bette Carson of Indiana. Thank you so much Bette for sending these to me.

I had said for my preferences for chocolate that I liked White Chocolate and these are hugs from Hershey. They are white and milk chocolate. Click on the pictures and you can see how pretty the beads were in the weath that she made for me. The Mini M&Ms container is the biggest I have seen...and look it is a purple one :). The little purple bag was so cute. I wonder if she made it or if it was store boughten..but the two aero bobbins fit perfectly inside that bag. The silver dragon I have already put to use. I sewed it on the front of my Tatting Housewife that Hope Green from Florida made for me.

In the next pictures I will show you is what I made for my friend Erin Holloway in Tenn. I made her a pink amulet bag.

I also painted a pair of the bobbins you see for her and one other person. I don't know yet if that person has received them or not...haven't heard from the person.

I also painted another set of these bobbins which I am keeping here with me. I almost always paint a bobbin just like the ones I give away.

Now let me show you what my friend Erin sent to me...she sent me all kinds of goodies. She sent me some metallic sewing machine thread...which is great for tatting tiny isty bitsy snowflakes and some wonderful beads. She also sent me some sweets for my sweet tooth too. I also sent sweets to all of my exchanges....You got to feed the tummy as well as the tatting soul. LOL.

She also sent me this absolutey beautiful tatted necklace. The work in this necklace is so very fine and tiny. It is a really beautiful to look at.

Do you see the bobbins inside the necklace. She also painted the bobbins for me. These are special bobbins for they are painted by Erin and not me....LOL. I love things that are made by someone else. But I have to say the necklace really took my breath away. Thank you so much Erin.

Now for the next exchange...was with Carol Amich in Indiana. First I will show you what I did for her...and then I will show you what she sent to me...wait until you all see what I got from her.....

The bag was hand sewn....I was too lazy to drag my sewing machine out even though it was right in the dinning area. How bad is that...I then tatted the edging going all the way around. If you notice I had different edges from the sides to the top and to the bottom which I also added bells too. The edging was all beaded with red and green beads also.

The tree was tatted with fine machine metallic thread with petite beads on it. The pattern is from Monica Hahns Book of Christmas patterns.

I know Carol loves things that are batty and bump in the night so I painted and decorated the bat shuttle for her. I wonder if she has tatted with it yet....LOL!!!

But wait...till you see what I got from Carol....I was so surprised.

She sent me a Whitman box of chocolates....since I have been sick...they still remain upopened but not for long ....LOL...she sent me things in purple like an Sharpie Pen, a notebook, and an Calendar I said ....all in purple...

She also sent me two examples she has for napkin rings. One is a Santa and the other a Reindeer....they are too cute. Here is a Picture of them.

She also sent to me this cool card that she put together... I have also found out from Carol that she used my Celtic Dream Weaver Logo for something...can't remember what now...but she changed the hair color to suit her own...LOL. But take a look at this card...there is Tatman's Tatting Spider...and Carol's wonderful idea of having a tatting shuttle become part of an angel and take a look at the tatting shuttle hanging from the tree. It has the holly pattern on it. I asked her if she had that shuttle and she said no...but got the picture I think from the internet and made the shuttle in color instead of silver. What a cool idea huh??

But take a look at what she sent to me. Inside her card she said she thought Eli my fairy needed a friend so she made one for him....and just look at what she made for me....a one of a kind "DRAGON " He is so cute and I just love the colors she did him in....he is just perfect to go with Eli and My Fairy I got from Wally...they are like a family now...Male and Female and their pet...LOL

ENJOY THE PICTURES....and DROOL on your OWN Computers....

I haven't come up with a name for him yet....I am thinking...and thinking....and thinking...OH NO....I have smoke coming out of my ears....LOL....

The other cool thing that I got is this wooden tray that has places to put your pictures behind the glass. I got this from my son Shawn....I am thinking of putting family pictures in it and frame each picture with a tatted edge. I don't plan on using the tray to put my food on but to use it to put my tatting supplies on or whatever I am working on supplies on. Just think...I could put a zillion beads on it...and have them all contained in one spot....LOL. So I thought this was a neat thing that my son gave to me.

I also started on making my new Grandson's Christmas Stocking. It is sewn together but I still have to decorate it. I think I will be working on it off and on this year.

A couple weeks ago I went to Karey's house in Hector, New York for a Tatting Christmas party. I tatted another white 3D Christmas tree and I can't remember what else I did for my exchange partner. But here is some pictures from that event.

In the first pictures is Ginny Weathers and Kathy Robinson. In the next picture is Shirley and Karey Solomon. We were working on bows tatted onto buttons. Also here is a couple pictures that were part of the exchanges...I didn't think to get my camera out soon enough to get pictures of the other things people made and exchanged. The Tatting over glass ornament was made by Ginny Weathers. Inside the ornament is a snowflake. We were all wondering how she did that and discovered it is a flexible snowflake that fits through the opening at the top. What a cool idea. I wish I could get more of those snowflakes. Ginny did give me might try making an ornament and adding my snowflake inside it. The other is a wreath. I think it was made by Shirley. I can't seem to remember Shirley's last name but I always remember her first name for my mother's first name was also Shirley. Sounds alot like Sherry doesn't....I wonder if that is where my name came from....hmmmmm....I will never know now....

Okay....I haven't posted in awhile...but I have now written a book. I hope you all enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures...I am sure I have forgotten something.....

I hope everybody has a safe and Happy New Years and may the New Year be more happiness than you could wish for.

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Tattycat said...

Wow Sherry! So many beautiful and thoughtful things that you made for others and they made for you! I had thought I might join an exchange next year, but don't know if I could keep up! I can tell how much fun you are having.
I hope you have a very Happy New Year!