Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Welllll.....IT IS A BOY!!!!!! My daughter called me this afternoon after she had her ultrasound. But....She teased me just awful...And wouldn't tell me what the baby was...Stated " I am not going to tell you till Dad gets home". So Chrystal came over tonight...And Timmy Guy blurted out...."I am going to have a baby brother." Now if I was thinking with a full deck...I should have just called Timmy Guy on the phone and I wouldn't have had to wait to find out what my second grandchild was going to be.
Chrystal also mention a funny point that happened while getting the ultrasound. Gary her fiance' was there with her as well as Timmy Guy. The technician said." That is not the umblical cord"...LOL and what did Gary say...."That is my boy". So everybody is happy. Somewhere between now and Jan 15th, I need to get something either knitted or tatted or crocheted or something for my new grandchild. So that is a bit of happy news.
This evening it is just a pouring outside. Katrina has reached New York and there is flood warnings up here for tonight and tomorrow. I went to visit my sister in-law this evening and it was hard to see the road with all the rain that was coming down. Of course it doesn't help me when I have a bit of night blindness going on too.
Lately...I haven't had much time to tat anything or do bobbinlace. Have too much else to do right now. But I have old pictures .....so maybe tomorrow I will drag something out of my CD archives to share with you all.
I continue to pray for those that have been the most effected by Katrina.

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Mark, aka Tatman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! To Gma CelticDreamWeaver!!!!!!!!!! Such happy news at a difficult time as you are having. Tat, Crochet, Knit, Bobbinlace.......SOMETHING for this dear child LOL!!!!

Sooooo happy for you :-D

Mark, aka Tatman