Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hello everybody,
I have been kinda quiet lately, I know.
Things are not going too well here with my husband being on strike. I was informed the other evening that we will have just $200.00 dollars to live on until my husband can start getting unemployment...and that there is a waiting period for that of seven weeks before we will get the first check. Things are just going to get terrible around here. I have had to call the mortgage company to see what we can do about our house payments. They will be sending us some information for that. Last week my husband no longer has life insurance and as of the 20th we will no longer have medical insurance. I just hope nobody gets sick or has an accident around here. We have gotten our medication called in that we could get so we will have those for a bit. And then there are all the other bills that will be coming in we need food??.....not to say my usual routine is messed up also. At least it isn't wintertime, so no fuel bills to worry about.
This coming weekend we had plans to go to this huge antique festival here in New York. That of course is no more in our plans. October I ususally go to my lace guild weekend event. That has also been off our plans. I don't even think I will be attending the public day and the banquet this year.
I had been waiting to renew my IOLI membership and my Lace in the UK membership. Now they just won't be renewed. I guess things like food is more important. I have to say I am sure going to miss my lace magazines. When I get them in the mail they are like X-mas. I do not subscribe to any other publications. I just loved my lace magazines. I am trying very hard not too get too depressed...but it is going to get harder and harder as time goes.
Anyhow...on Monday there was a care package for me from my friend Ms. Erin Holloway. She decorated some shuttles for me and sent them to me.

Erin is such a fun person!!
Anyway...also in the box was this M&M container that she decorated for me. It is a real beauty. I just love it. In my earlier post you can see the M&M container that I made for her. She also included some other goodies in the package. This was very uplifting to me. I thank you very much Erin for your thoughtfulness.
Also this weekend I have been proofing an edging pattern that found its way into my email box. That has now been proofed. I can't tell you anything more about it except tatters are going to love it....I can see other things being made using this edging pattern. Like for instance....Do you guys remember the wild sweater Mrs. Weasley wore in the second Harry Potter Movie....I can see a tatted top made with this edging that would look something like that same sweater but instead of it being knitted it would be tatted....I have been thinking along these lines as I continued to work on the edging. It would look so cool...if I have some more Manuela thread size 20 I just might give it a real go too. It would be so cool looking....
One of the things I love to do is to paint...either bobbins or decorate shuttles. I really do like the Susan Bates white Aerowannabe shuttles. I find I like then right after my English made aero shuttles that I have. If any of you want to send me any of these white shuttles my way...I would be thrilled to have them. They would give me something else to do around here besides thinking how bad things are going to get around here. If you can get me any of these shuttles from your local Hobby Lobby or other craft store ( they don't sell the white aerowannabe shutttles near me anywhere) and would like to donate them to me please send me an email
I don't have any money to pay you for them...but they would help my frame of mind. And that is keeping me busy through this nightmare of a time. are some pictures of the M&M container that Erin did for me. I must say you can not see the way this containter there will be no tomorrows. Camera's will never get as good as what the eyes can see for themselves. The container is so very pretty!! All paisley looking and colorful. To see the shuttles she did for me you can check out her very own blog. The url for that is: enjoy!!! Take a look at her cool hat. It is a scream!!! If I had a hat like that I would be wearing it too...what fun!!!

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