Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Good Morning in Lacingland!!!!!!!
One of the things I will be doing today is a bit of research on the internet. This means I will be doing some internet surfing which I don't do a whole lot of. What am I looking for...well plaids. My great grandparents came from County Antrim in Ireland. I have documentation of that. My great grandfather's name was Little. And my great Grandmother's maiden name was O'Neil. So I am going to see if I can find the plaid for both of their names. Maybe I won't have any sucess...but I am going to try anyways. After I get their plaids .I am going to print it off and then try to paint their plaids on a shuttle. One side for the O'Neil plaid and one side for the Little...over this plaid I am then going to paint shamrocks. This could end up being a fiddily project...and who knows it could end up going nowhere....but I think it might be interesting just the same.
I thought I would share a couple more pictures with you.
In this picture is a necklace that I made with black wire, some really el cheapo medallions and a bit of cheap chains. I kinda like the necklace.

In the next picture is my Bryony Flower that I did for a Hector class earlier this year. Trying to make those picots was fun. I actually used a picot gauge which to be honest I hardly ever use. I usually just eye ball them for size.

In this next picture is a name tag that I made for myself. Believe it or not...this name tag started off being a cut wooden watering can shape that I bought at Michael's. When I saw the watering can I thought to myself...gee...I wonder if I drew a shape of a shuttle could I get my husband to cut it for me and then add a whole bunch of evenly spaced holes all the way around the outside edge so I could attach my tatted edge. This is the finished name tag.
I think tomorrow I will throw some bobbinlace pictures on here....just for something different. I think alot of you know that I also do that....though I have to say that lately I haven't been doing much of that...but it seems in the winter I do more bobbinlace and to be honest I don't know why.

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