Thursday, August 25, 2005

My husband is still on strike from his job. What a nightmare this all is for me.
So to help out around here and try to generate a bit of income here I have painted some tatting shuttles and put them on ebay. I am hoping someone likes my painting. Here is a picture of the shuttles that I painted that are on ebay.

The urls. for the ebay shuttles are:
Don't know why that one is so very long....
the next:
the next:
the next:
I have also put a bunch of tatting shuttles on ebay. That url is:
hmmm...another long one.
I haven't been doing much tatting lately ...except in proofing some edging patterns. I did do a bit of Buck's Point lace making at my guild meeting on Sunday on Ms. Floozy pillow.
I might this weekend work on tatting up a motif pattern that I am suppose to be proofing.
So this is what I have been up to...alot of worring...and painting....that painting is tedious work....racks havic on my neck and my back sitting in one position for so long. I hope something becomes of my work.


erin said...

Hi, Sherry! Those are beauties!

Off to bid on that pale pink one - it's spicy!




Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry!

To make urls "not show up" and using alternate text try this: < a href="" >My link Name< /a > omit the spaces inside the brackets, except the one between a and href=".

I really love those shuttles, they are so beautiful. I hope they'll sell well and your husband doesn't have to be on strike for too much longer because of the company finally seeing reason *sigh* Take care!