Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ahhhhh.....are my Lacing Family cute???? :) Mark Myers did the artwork for me and put this on my blogger site. Mark is so very creative with his artwork as I am sure most of you in Lacingland know. If it wasn't for blogger would look pretty sad and boring. Now I have characters that I can have some fun with when I write more of my wacky stories....when I am dreaming of another land.....far...far away from here.
Anyhow...there is some stories that I will share with you on how my characters got the names they have. Frist of all....Mrs. Pink Shuttle and Mr. Green Shuttle are truly shuttles that I have in my collection. Puff is from the story "Puff the Magic Dragon" you know...the one that lives by the sea....Anyhow...the reason my tatting bag got this name is because the tatting bag that I use the most is one that I got from Debbie Arnold in Dever, Co. A few years ago I met Debbie at the Palmetto's tatting event. She had tons of tatting bags...and I mean tons...all kinds of colors and prints. I was looking to see if she had any with dragons on them...nope she didn't. I then inquired if she had any....nope. After she got home she found out her sister Sherry had some dragon material and sent me a scan of it....I told her it was perfect and to please make me a bag out of the material. You see...the dragons were purple...and the print that surrounded the dragons was so me....I was in love the bag was ordered. She even through in a shuttle pocket for me out of the same material. Someday I will tat an edging up and go around the shuttle pocket...but first I am waiting for the special edging pattern to land in my mailbox...hint to someone who might be reading this....
Then there is Ms. Floozy my bobbinlace pillow. Mark made the pillow for me which he started a couple years ago but managed to finish it up before last year's Palmetto Tatting Event. He gave me the pillow then to take home on the plane.
Anyhow...Mark was closed mouth about what my pillow looked like. I believe there was some major teasing that went along with the fun of teasing my curiosity. All he would tell me was, it was covered in black and purple material. Now I know I am really wierd...but when I heard those colors I immediately thought of a saloon girl in the west. That is how I came up with the name Ms. Floozy.
So that is the story behind my character's names that I use in my stories that I write from time to time...which I know....I need to get going again on the story....for everything was left at a peak in the story the last I wrote.
I have been very busy here lately...hence I haven't been on the computer too awfully much. But today I finished a doily that I have been working on. The pattern came from an old tatting booklet that I own. It is "Tatting" by Penelope booklet number 4. The doily was made in peach color manuela thread size 20...that size 20 thread seemed like rope...but at least I hope for many will withstand many washings. The doily isn't blocked...I just ironed it. For now that it is finished...I am going to use it on a table in my livingroom. I use my tatting instead of having it all in a drawer. The little motifs that you see next to my doily are a begining of another project that I have been working on.....projects and more projects ...oh my....projects and more projects...oh my....repeat this to yourself to the same music that is in "The Wizard of Oz" Lions, tigers and bears...oh my...lions, tigers and bears...oh my....and I will now leave you with that tune going through your head....LOL

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erin said...

Beautiful doily, Sherry! Now about that story......I believe you were at the pattern of the ship.....