Thursday, September 01, 2005

Erin, I think I may be able to top wierd....okay I can't....but what I share the very FIRST picture of my new grandson to be taken... Chrystal jokes and calls him....their alien baby....You know what I mean....they look so funny at first....LOL But here he name yet....but I did vote for Cameron and got shot down....Oh well....So here he is....
His head is to the left...he looks like he is looking up doesn't he...But he weighs 15 oz they figured. Dad was a ten pound baby when he was born and he is over 6feet tall everybody is figuring it is going to be a big baby. I just hope this time there won't be any complications during the birth as when Timmy Guy was born. His lung collasped from the trauma of coming down the birth canal. When all was over and Tinmy Guy had to go to big hospital to go to a neonatal ward right after he was born. Chrystal was told if she had another baby that big that she would have to have a C-section. Timmy Guy weighed 8 pounds when he was I will worry as time gets closer to popping my grandson out. Chrystal is due on Jan. 15th, 2006. Just think....I will get to hold him in five months or less.


Mark, aka Tatman said...

I think babies look like lizards before they get cleaned up. And some I have seen it didn't help LOL!
They always get bigger the more kids you have. Or so they say. ;) Thanks for sharing the pic. Such a proud Gma you are :-D

erin said...

Oh, Sherry - he's a cutie! Don't pay any attention to what Mark said. :-P

I've got to get busy. I've got booties to knit.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sherry! What a proud Grandma you must be.

I like the name Cameron. That is my son's name.

My daughter, she use to like her name, but now she doesn't want to be called by her name, she wants a new one. Her name is Katrina.