Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well....Hello everybody!!!
I don't think I mentioned yesterday but...I finished the new Harry Potter book. It was a good book with some surprises in it. I can kinda see where the next book will be going.
Today is another scorcher...but....that is okay...I will be going to the lake again. I tell you I am just loving this heat. I have been in the lake and my daughter's swimming pool alot this year.
Yesterday we got warnings for a severe Tstorms...but it must have been on the opposite side of the lake. All we got was some distant boomers. So it is has been awhile since we have gotten any rain, but I don't think my flowers are suffering too much...just a bit wilted is all.
Besides going to the lake today...I will be working on this doily that I started about a month ago. I am making it in peach color Manuela thread size 20. Peach isn't exactly my color...but it may find a home in my livingroom. My couch has a bit of peach in the coloring. The couch has a Native American look to the print of the material which is okay...I have Indian stuff in my livingroom along with different animal heads that are on my walls. It kinda blends in all together. I really do need to see about selling a bunch of stuff though...there is way too much junk here that I don't want or care about anymore. Besides...we sure could use the money for the bills that keep coming in here like clockwork.
Anyhow...when the doily is done I will get a picture of it and share it on here. The pattern is from booklet 4 by Penelope which is an old booklet.
Have fun tatting, lacing...and take time to smell the roses and look at the beauty that surrounds you.

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