Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today is a really slow day......so.....
I thought I would put a picture of my fan on my blogger that I designed and took with me to Palmetto's. I couldn't enter it....dummy me didn't pay attention to when you had to have your entry in by...so I missed it....but after seeing the other fans ...it is just as well for I could't compete wtih all the beautiful fans that I saw there.
Anyhow...it is my Celtic Design fan. At the top you will note the two Zoomorphics. One being a cat...( that is one really big pussy cat) and a dragon. Down below is three trinity celtic knotwork. There is no begining and no end in the trinity knot btw. I wanted my fan to look floral so ....there is lots of flowers in lots of colors. I used tatting thread, and quilting thread to make up the elements of the fan. For the ground I used the migonette stitch and the thread used for this was black sewing machine thread that had metallic blended in it.
For the fan sticks. I used el cheapo fans. I took all the fans apart and just used the two end blades and made up a new fan with these. I painted the fan sticks black and added some silver and gold paint here and there so the fan stick blades would hopefully blend in with the fan iself.
It took me months to make the fan. First drawing it out the way I wanted it to look. Then sizing the design so it would fit my fan sticks and then ....just tatting it.
There is no pattern for the fan. Not sure if there ever will be. Someday...I will design a dragon that can actually be patterned out. I so love dragons and wish there were more dragon patterns out there for me to tat so I wouldn't have to keep designing them so I can tat them.
If anybody knows of a dragon pattern out there please send me an email and let me know where it is....

In the meanwhile...enjoy the picture. One last note here....the other favorite thing that I really like is knights....someday....as soon as I figure out how to do one...I am going to tat "A Knight in Shining Armor" hey...that sounds like a title to one of my favorite books by Jude Deveraux. Anyhow...if I in reality can't have a real live knight....then I will tat one. But you should see my dressers in my bedroom. I have knights all over the place....I wish I had real magical powers so I could bring one to life just for a short while....

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