Monday, August 01, 2005

Doesn't my blog look familar?? I have Mark to thank for doing this for me. I am a cripple person when it comes to things like HTMLing. Maybe someday I will do something about know get wiser...learn something...but right now...I don't have funds to go back to school. As it is my son will be starting college this fall. That is all the schooling we can handle right now...though to be honest...he has done really well as far as taking responsiblity for himself. He works and has paid alot for his fall semester himself. I am so very proud of him. He wants to take computer science. So maybe down the road he can teach his mother something about computers. Ha!
But getting back to the appearance of my is so me. I love the fact that my blog looks like my website. I asked Mark if he could put my logo on my blog and lo and behold he also put my background from my website for the background for my blog. So thank you very much Mark for helping me. :)) big smile.
What have I been doing at be honest...not much tatting or bobbinlacing. I have been ...I don't, there and everywhere. I can't seem to land on doing one thing at night lately ...though truth to be told...I am usually up late every night and up early every morning...usually at 6am I am having my first cup of coffee for the day and trying to clear the cobwebs out of my head....I know...sometimes I am so wacky and silly that maybe a few of the cobwebs are still there and don't get emptied out. But taking a broom to the inside of my head I think would hurt a great deal....don't you think so??
One of the things I have been trying to do at night is save some time to read my book that I have been reading since I stood in line at our huge Wegman's Food chain store after mightnight...waiting to get my copy of guessed....( gee you are so smart) Harry Potter book. I have now 200 pages to go and I will be finished with it. Right now I have to admit....that I have lots of questions that I want answered. Since there are only 200 pages left now out of over 600 page book...I know the story is going to go really fast. I am enjoying reading this book like I did his other books. They are fun and wacky like me....LOL
Till the next time I find this blog....look before you sit....make sure there are no pointy shuttles or needles in your chair for they sure can do damage to one's derrie're.LOL

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erin said...

Sherry! It's beautiful! And the pics look great! Thanks soooo much for posting the pics.

I've been busy on a little's purple and that's all you're getting out of me.